In the climax of the devastating earthquake chimneys danced on the red tiled rooftops. Some of them crashed on their way to the ground, shattering to pieces and others were toppled over stuck on the lip of the roof gutters. In their absence was a gaping void, an open sunlit channel from the barren attics to the limitless blue sky above.

With repairs now commencing in the aftermath of a mandatory quarantine the city is slowly coming back online. The ambient soundscapes of the capital are now being heard once again. The metal wheels of the tram scraping the tracks, the pounding of hammers against the buildings as workers continue restoring the facades, children playing and running around in the nearby playgrounds.

A new renaissance has ignited the local collective despite the occasional sight of a masked face and gloved hands. Littered in the streets are remnants and scattered memories from a time that existed long before I ever was born. As the attics are emptied in preparation to fix the damaged rooftops the sidewalks are covered in a cloud of dust. On almost every block there is a large pile of trash, furniture and discarded materials that are ready to be taken to a garbage dump where it will be forgotten forever.

Cruising through the city centar I stumbled upon an a heap of once cherished items.  A newspaper dated from 1979, stacks and stacks of books written in Cyrillic and a box of broken ceramic coffee cups decorated with brown stains were randomly piled together. An explosion of thoughts stimulatd the intellect as every piece of material seen has its own story and in this heap is a thousand stories that will never be told again.

A large signage, black with white hand painted lettering proclaims the name “Grandissimo.” As I gaze upon this artifact from a business that no longer exists, I imagine that this sign was created by an entrepreneur that fostered the intention from thought to tangible conception and now this is last memory of that idea. Back into the void, the idea comes and so does the idea return.

Poised and positioned in front of the pile is an old rusty tricycle glistens in the shadows of the street light. Maybe this was a birthday present once given as a token of admiration, or perhaps it was opened up on a beautiful Christmas morning and received with surprise, gratitude and excitement. I could see a seated child with a smile a mile wide that enjoyed riding to and fro with absolute delight.

“How often do we place great importance on the material tools that are created and designed to enhance our overall quality of life but in the end they all end up in the same place?”

A collection of treasured materials can fill a home but without love, the home is nothing more than a storage shed. In a culture conditioned with acquiring the latest technological gadgets, name brand clothes and over priced items which are deemed to be exclusive in order to create a greater gap in supply driving high demand, we are left to continuously chase external fulfillment rather than embracing what we already have within ourself.

How often do we place great importance on the material tools that are created and designed to enhance our overall quality of life but in the end they all end up in the same place? Is there nothing greater than the heartfelt experience to see another in a fleeting moment of happiness that compels our innate desire to share and give gifts? These tangible items inherently bind us by their acquisition and maintenance for the allocated time that we own them, but in the grand scheme they have very little importance.

As a child I was filled with a unique ambition and initiative to manifest. Whether it was mowing someones lawn in the Summer, helping a family friend chop wood for the Winter to keep their family warm or painting a bench for a woman on my newspaper route I would do a myriad of odd jobs in exchange for money. At the age of 11 I was able to purchase my first bike, a brand new white bike from the local department store. I distinctly remember watching the store employee pull the bike off the rack and the feeling I had in my body as I wheeled the bicycle from the back of the store all the way to the register to purchase it with the cash that I had saved from all my odd jobs.

Raised in a background of poverty where I only received hand me downs and used possessions, the impact of that moment is forever ingrained in my psyche. On that day I discovered a new treasure from within that I never knew I possessed. As I rode the bike all Summer long I felt an overflowing sense of accomplishment. The bike was just a tool, a vehicle that became a symbol of initiative and self-determination. Now that bike is somewhere in a landfill, once cherished and now discarded just like the old, rusty tricycle never to be ridden again.

Despite the disadvantages of my upbringing I never consoled myself as being a victim. Rather than using the limitations of my conditioning as a crutch I used it as a catalyst to create dynamic change. I made every movement forward. As life continued in uncertainty, I was inevitably faced with a fork, either take the paved road or forge my own path and take the road less traveled. Driven by a fearless motivation and the welcomed embrace of the unknown I embarked on a journey that spanned the globe and still continues to this day.

We all possess great potentials to facilitate change not only in our own lives but in the lives of all those around us. When we use these tools that we have created to foster growth and encouragement, there is no limit on what we can manifest together. The potential to share not only material possessions, but also ideas will allow us as a collective to thrive exponentially.

When you give yourself the freedom to explore you will see that there is an abundance of resources within you — waiting to be discovered and once you find them you will flourish in more ways than you can imagine. ~ ༺ 𝓖

The Guru Manifesto

Traveling around the world under the guise of a Guru expressing myself as enlightened has attracted attention from all aspects of life, from skeptics and naysayers, to seekers and devotees alike. Nothing prepared me for the path that I was about to embark upon. From many years of sharing I have learned to structure my words carefully and precisely. The following words are put together in the best arrangement possible to express something that is truly in expressible. This is the Guru Manifesto.

When I express that I am an enlightened being, it is from my direct experience of which I have realized that there is indeed nothing to realize.

I have no vested interesting in making any claims, boasts or brags about being better or higher than anyone. As a matter of fact I do not see anything other than myself. Being enlightened as I define it is the perception of seeing yourself as not being separate from anything. This is the awareness of being in total unity. Every one I meet, I see as a reflection. There are some reflections that can recognize myself as a reflection of themself and then there are others that cannot, they only see a separate person. A projection of their shadows, fears and/or insecurities.

When I declare that I am enlightened it is not meant to offend, provoke or trigger anyone. What I have in equal measure, you also have. What I am, inherently you are also. When I speak of myself from the objective perspective, there is no difference between you and I and when I speak of myself from the subjective perspective, I speak of my story from the vantage point of the knowledge that I have acquired in the accumulation of my personal life experiences.Naturally my personal experiences in life will be different than yours, but my realization of what I am is the same realization when you recognize what you are.

While it may be difficult to accept the fact, you are not in the body, the body is in Consciousness. You are the totality of Consciousness and Consciousness is experiencing itself temporarily through the apparatus of the body-mind, this mechanism is what you call “me.” What you refer to as you is nothing more than the minds function to identify itself by attachment to itself. The nature of the mind is that it forms an illusory continuity between the last moment of what has happened in the past to this moment, what is happening now but essentially every moment is independent of itself. This illusory continuity, a web of moments delicately woven together in your psyche is how you define yourself as you and your life as though you are an independent person living.

I see the body as a biological organism with a mind that interprets all of the ever changing sensations that spontaneously arise. The appearance of the body is that it is solid but if you look closer you will see that it made up of nothing but space. It is through the fives senses, sight, sound, taste, touch and smell that we as bodies function with our surroundings and each other. The world you live in is not the same world that I live in. We each live in a world of our own imagination. From the base conditioning of our mind, with every experience that arises in our lives we continuously construct and enable our identity.

Before I was conceived into this world I was given a name to reference myself in separation from others. Through the bonds of family, friends and society I have learned how to function in a manner that sustains my survival and thus continues to enable the identities of everyone in my surroundings. In this imagined identification to an illusory identity I have created a life that is composed of a multitude of moments each allocated in the confines of my mind. With proper intention I can recall past moments to describe myself as what I had imagined myself to be in contrast to how I perceive myself to be now. This identification to an illusory is the root cause of my suffering but I do not know it yet.

“By dispelling the darkness and bringing the light you will awaken to your True Nature. This is your destiny, flow with it.”

When I looked at myself through the fragmented mind, I was faced with the duality between the image that I had of myself and the image that the world would see. This outer conflict became a seed of insecurity. Burdened by doubts and self-judgments I kept watering this seed of insecurity which inevitably sprouted into an exhaustive inner conflict bearing the fruits of a depression. Suffering became the catalyst that triggered the inquiry into the nature of my existence and the separation of everything else. The process of investigation appeared to be quite difficult as I was faced with the darker aspects of my psyche. Riddled with the confrontation of fear, shame and guilt I shied away at first but I knew that there was no other way.

The challenge of losing yourself is not a pleasant experience when your mind refuses to let go. Cognitive dissonance is the main reason why so many seekers chose to stop their path. We each have our demons that we must face and it isn’t a pleasant experience to acknowledge the darker shadows parts of our egoic nature but if you want freedom more than you want suffering, you will do it without hesitation. Everyone has a different path, some are easier than others but rest assured that your path is the right path for you. Everything that you will experience will give you the attributes necessary for you to persevere and persevere you will.

As I started to inquire into the purpose of my existence, with every question that I has asked, I had to look within myself for the answer. After many months of extensive research, using many methods and countless hours of inner dialogue I stumbled deeper and deeper until I came to a point that I was so deep that there was nothing left to question. I came to my rock bottom, the point where the one who was questioning dissolved into the question itself. Every attachment, belief and thought that I held to be true was irrevocably seen for what it is. Every concept that I cherished in the identification to my mind-body apparatus ceased to exist. The ability to locate myself as a conceptual thing completely disappeared. This is the moment of complete annihilation, the moment when I became enlightened, not I as an individual person but I as Consciousness itself.

No longer seeing myself an illusory separate self, I could recongize the bondage that I used to experience, the bondage that I created. In the absence of creating further bondage for myself I now realized that I was never bound, indeed I am free and essentially I was always free. It was simply a matter of mistaking myself to be something that I was not. In absolute clarity I discovered that this what I was seeking, my self.

As the moment came, the moment always is. As though a lamp was turned on and the light never wanes. Through this apparent shift in perspective came the conclusion that this was all a play, Consciousness pretended to forget itself only to remember itself again, and again, and again, ad infinitum. The play of Consciousness imagining itself to be something other than itself when it is everything, this is the cosmic joke. The absurdity of this realization arose with a spontaneous laughter, it was like of those moment when you are looking everywhere for your glasses and they were always on top of your head.

With this revelation I forged a new path of life. Now abiding in this stateless state of wonder and awe, I used my imagination to create new life experiences. With a newfound outlook on life and an inexhaustible desire for knowledge and adventure I set out into the world sharing this realization with all those who are on their path to self-discovery. By dispelling the darkness and bringing the light we can all awaken to our True Nature as this is our destiny.


In the fullfilment of your destiny, as your reflection, I share this invitation with you.


Will you accept? ~ ༺ 𝓖

Rite of a new passage

I was taught that a man is nothing unless he has a woman by his side, unless he serves his purpose by fulfilling his commitment to his family. I was taught that a man is nothing unless he has the strength to stop his tears and act like a man. This is the image of a man that I forged in mind ever as a boy raised without a father.

My perception of what a man is was influenced by flashy Hollywood movies and the occasional glance of watching my mothers favourite soap opera, “The Days of our Lives.” She always kicked us out of the house so that she could watch her afternoon soap opera in peace but every once in a while I would come inside for something and she would tell me to be quick about it. This was her special time and she was strict about. Apart from the unrealistic glamour of an idealized male on the tv screen, I had nothing else to reflect the man that I was destined to become.

Where I come from being a boy raised by a single mother is nothing to be proud of and even though I did my best to hide this fact from my friends, it was clearly seen when I was around other males. I had a more gentle approach to everything and while I thought it was normal I was conditioned to learn that it wasn’t. I tried to reserve my sensitive side because I didn’t want to appear too feminine so then I would act tough, I would try to put on a mean face or pretend that my feelings weren’t hurt but I was no good at it. I was always frustrated because I would compromise myself by holding my emotions back rather than letting them go. I had no where to hide and no one to protect me because I didn’t have any ground to stand upon. It was a catch 22, I wasn’t a mommas boy but I also wasn’t daddies little slugger.

Although I desperately wanted a mentor and father figure in my life there was none. I always knew that I could be a good son to a father. I was a fast learner and I adapted easily to many situations. I bought my own bike at the age of 11 with money that I received from mowing lawns and helping my neighbours with their gardens. In the summer season I would play baseball in the local little league and while I wasn’t great at batting, I was good at catching the ball. I would dream of my father being on the sidelines cheering me on as I caught the winning ball for our team. I wanted so much to be under the guidance of a father to learn proper craftsmanship, to learn how to stand up for myself and to teach me how to shave when I started growing hair on my face but that never happened, so I was left to my own device.

“Being a gentleman but also being savage, having strength but also showing compassion, having power but also having an open heart, this is what my definition of a man became.”

As I grew into my adolescence I gained more independence to create new bonds of friendship and I took to observing the fathers of my peers as a role model of a man. With a keen eye and an inquiring mind I would study the articulation of every man that I was near. I integrated this knowledge coupled with the knowledge from actors of the silver screen and this was the beginning of learning what a man is.

There wasn’t any man that I had known to embody the full quintessential package of attributes that I wanted to possess. In many of the men I could see their fear, I could sense that they were insecure about themselves, uncertain of their role in being a man. In other men I could see the shame and humiliation in not being enough for the wives, being belittled for not doing this or that right. Some of them held their strength and our power because they didn’t want to be seen as too aggressive. While all of the men were different in their own right, there was on common denominator that connected them all together, they never talked openly about their emotions. They usually did their best to pretend that everything was ok, but they were no better than I when it came to trying to hide their feelings.

When I was a little boy on several occasions I would overhear my mother speak to her girlfriends about men. On of those occasions she said, “All men are broken. They’re faulty, they’re all dogs. Even my ex, he was the worst of the worst and to think I married that fool. I gave him two beautiful children and he still left me high and dry.”

She was speaking about my father, she would tell me all the time that since he wasn’t involved in my life he was nothing more than a sperm donor. Everything my mother ever said about my father was nothing but bad. Being the only guardian in my life her opinions were all that I had to form my identity. Her words changed the entire perception that I had of my father and it also changed the perception that I had of myself. This effected me to the point that I was forced to make a vow to myself, I never wanted a woman to speak of me the same way that my mother speaks of my father.

Being a gentleman but also being savage, having strength but also showing compassion, having power but also having an open heart, this is what my definition of a man became. A man received respect and love from his family and partner, not because they fear him but because they love him. With integrity and a hard work ethic, fearless and cautious, with rough hands and a wise mind, this is what my definition of man became. These were a few of the attributes that I pieced together from all of the men that I had come to know. In the accumulation of all of this knowledge, I took the initiative to filter out all of the unwanted qualities shedding everything that I didn’t want and only keeping the good ones. Piece by piece I started to created my personal image of the man that I wanted to become.

To be continued … ~ ༺ 𝓖

Our arrangement

Uncharted to a destination only imagined in my mind, I watched myself travel across lands far and wide, over countless seas and innumerable horizons. Journaled in my heart, I replaced words once spoken but now with a silent declaration, for somehow even though I couldn’t explain it, I knew that nothing could ever stop what was destined to come.

There was a time when I would ceaselessly doubt myself, trapped in the repetitive story of my fears and feeling paralyzed I would be confined to the bondage of my feeble insecurities. But then something amazing happened, I decided that I was no longer going to live in my self-created prison. I decided that I was going to accept myself, flaws and all but instead of sabotaging my ideas, I would embrace and encourage them. It wasn’t simply by any measure, on the contraire it was a daunting ordeal to face the many challenges that became revealed but it was only when I gave myself the freedom to be everything that I could imagine, it was only then that my life changed and what was to come, I would never expect.

After many months at sea I had finally arrived at the docks of La Ville Lumière. Bustling with energy, diverse in its origins, the streets filled with passerbys intoxicated of all colours and creeds as the illuminated shadows reflected in the dark night sky above. This was my first time in this enchanted city, and although the distractions were enticing, I stayed focused on my intention. I was here for one reason and one reason only.

For over two years, we have been sharing in correspondence, hand written letters, sealed with a kiss and adorned with the wax emblem of her Royal House. With every letter I held, the fragrance of her perfume intoxicated my mind and visions of her playfulness became my only escape. Our confessions were shared in secret, our deepest thoughts, our forbidden pleasures, for I was far outside of her caste as she was the Heiress to a legacy that I could not fathom. The letters I received were the only communication I had with my beloved, and although we were separated by the measure of space and time — our love only rose higher with every word spared in the distance of our hearts yearning. The last time she wrote she said we were to meet outside of the city, away from peering eyes, in a hotel called the Château de Prye.

I had fallen asleep in the carriage, the pounding hooves of the horses became a soothing lullaby over the cobblestone roads as I was drawn away into a deep slumber, dreaming of how I would meet my beloved. With a sudden jolt, the carriage stopped, the rhythmic sound of the hooves ceased and find myself at the door to the hotel. Overcome with a mixture of emotions, excitement ensued as I gathered my bag and assisted by the servant I was guided into the entrance. I went up the stairs to the small hotel. Knowing that my beloved was only a few steps away, I felt my knees begin to buckle beneath. I stuttered and asked for her by name, we agreed to use an alias so that she could keep her identity hidden, “Debara Bellin.” I spoke forth.

I was escorted to her room, the third door on the left. With every step down that narrow hallway, I could feel my destiny behind the door, and I knew if I went through that door, I would never be the same.

I knocked on the old wooden door to her room. The door creaked open as it was barely closed. I slowly walked in. It was dark, but for a few candles on the window sill, and then I heard her voice, “I am ready,” she said in a faint whisper.

Reflected in the dark shadows, the silhouette of her immaculate form, curvaceous and plentiful, imposed in the flickering candle light I set my eyes upon her. The cadence of my voice interrupted the silent ambience. ‘Are you truly ready my beloved?’

“Take me as you take your own. I am —”

And before she could muster the courage to finish the last of her words, I rushed toward her and placed my hand over her mouth looking down into her beautiful eyes, in a gaze that spoke more than words could ever. Kissing her all over her face, I could feel her surrender within my embrace. My fingers graced along her delicate, soft skin, the pulsating surge of her desire, inviting my every touch. Yearning for more, her body became my canvas, a playground of my deepest desires to satisfy and be satisfied.

Held in the swoon of my arms, her back arched high as her head lay down. I lowered myself closer to her body, upon my tongue I satiated my own indulgences with her taste both exquisite and sublime. With the entrance of a gasping moan, she started to sing her song. Bare and completely vulnerable I gorge into her, delighting in the sight of her surmounting arousal. Forged in years of desire, we erupted and overflowed all over each other.

Her hands began to decorate my body, her nails pierced deep into the muscles of my back, she embraced my strength as her strength. Shuddering for a breath of air, her patience waned and with throbbing urgency she welcomed all at that I am. Encapsulated in the heat of the rising moment, we found ourselves lost in a penetrating gaze as my body became her body, as her body became mine. Sacrificing the inhale into the exhale, a shared breath, eternally forgiving. Exasperated she could not speak but indeed her eyes told me everything that I needed to know. Passionately I listened to her body, to her calling, to her yearning for more. She beckoned the taste of my power and so I ravaged her mortal vessel, gratifying a succulent feast for the decadent play of our insatiable senses.

With my carnal appetite I licked her skin, the rough etching of my tongue sending a tingling wave of sensations coursing up her spine. Wet, warm and saturated in sweat, she wriggled about in an ecstatic movement, like a snake gracefully dancing upon the ground. Grabbing my legs to leverage herself, her chest rose with every breath, dewed with the moisture of sweat, and glistening in the flickering rays of the glowing light. The fragrance from her shivering loins continued to beckon forth with a most impulsive invitation.

From the crown of her head, all the way down to the tips of her toes, every part is ravished with utter simplicity, every fleeting morsel is consumed to no avail. Now mine, now within me, now without subterfuge. The lines of her naked flesh carried a path of their own, leading to a journey into the unknown. My hands guided by the moment, from the soles of her feet to the arch of her soles, down the cusp of her heels all the way to the end of her toes.

Thriving meticulously absent of all contention. I roared aloud with a mighty wind, a passing gust blanketed our intertwined bodies. Steadfast and rising in the embers of her entrance, in this sacred communion we bend and we flow. An inferno of turbulence, a conflagration spreading itself unto itself. As our moans are swept away, back into the silence from where they came, we have forgotten ourselves in this timeless instance. Thrusting into thrusting, deeper into deepening, we disappeared into each other, no beginning nor end.


Entangled in a knot of pulling and grabbing I can feel her teeth searing into my flesh as she tasted the pulsing throb of unrelinquished passion. The intensity of our emotions, the intense longing from within rose higher as we fell into each other, deeper and deeper.

One moment became eternity.

Laying in the calm still of the sultry storm, she turned her head towards me, “I am ready” she barely whispered.

And so again I took her as my own ~ ༺ 𝓖

Manifesting 103

The ability to transmute thoughts into actions, this is driven by the inexhaustible force of desire which becomes the foundation of this material plane of existence, this is the attribute of manifesting.

After you have learned and integrated the first rule, to know exactly what you want and don’t want. The second rule to manifesting is the art of visualization. This is the ability to see, hear and feel what it is that you desire as though it was actually yours now. Whether it be the accumulation of an experience, a material acquisition or the accomplishment of fulfilling a sense gratification, visualizing your desired manifestation to the most minute detail will be of great benefit.

As it so that we are embodied in these temporary flesh vehicles what we can experience through them is defined with its inherent limitations. The body as a construct of Nature has its flaws as well as its strength, one of them being the power of the intellect. Through the intellect we imagine ourselves to be in accordance with the autonomous functions of the body we are designed for two primary factors, to survive and to procreate. This base understanding is imperative in seeing the potentials through which he has and can have.

By not only understanding but accepting the natural limitations of the body-mind as an apparatus we can now filter our intentions in their appropriate channels. As we allocate our intentions with their respective complementaries we can see what is indeed possible and what is not. This is not say that you must limit your intentions to just what you know can be done but if you want to manifest wings growing out of your back so that you can jump off a cliff and fly, that is an intention that will cause grievances.

You can spend a lifetime trying to imagine with all of your might, you may even undergo surgery in the most extreme case but you will not fly because the body was not designed in this manner. This is an intention limited by the confines of the natural body. The emphasis here is to be grounded in the specificity of your intentions. I don’t fancy using the common phrase of “being realistic” as we all possess different subjective interpretations of what reality is but it goes without saying that if you are intent on manifesting something that illicitly goes against the boundaries of the body, you will only create unnecessary suffering for yourself.

There are many beings that want to live off of nothing but air or make their body entirely made out of light or even those yogis who bounce up and down on mattress in the lotus position thinking that they can meditate while floating in the air. These are just a few examples of absolutely meaningless intentions that will not serve you nor enhance the overall quality of your life in the least but regardless of this fact, many will spend their lives trying to force something that isn’t meant to exist. It is for your own benefit, that you do not become one of them.

There is an element of being grounded in your intentions if you truly want to manifest them. If you are just looking at something to take your time or your sheer entertainment but no successful outcome then you are welcome to keep polishing the tile until it turns into a mirror. This is noted only to serve as a reminder to those who want to manifest an intention that lacks true depth and heartfelt cause. It is both in the mental sincerity through which you can imagine your intention and the power through which you can physically feel it coursing within your body, these attributes are necessary in the art of visualization.

“If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it’s your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life.”― Charles Bukowski

One of the primary methods in visualizing your intention is to physically see what is that you intend on manifesting every day. Take a photo, a drawing or even the words of your intention and place it in a location that you see every day. You can place it on the back of your door so that you can see it everytime you leave, you can place it on your mirror or bathroom mirror so that you can see it everytime that you see your beautiful face. The reasoning behind this act is that the constant repetition of visually observing your intention affects the conscious and subconscious parts of our mind.

To manifest my dreams into reality I create vision boards with images and illustrations of my intentions. Writing on pen and paper is another great method as it physically establishes the connection from mind to material, there is great power in the word. I have used these particular methods in the art of visualization for several years and it has reaped abundant rewards, from smaller intentions of obtaining material resources to bigger intentions such as world travel. With every successful experience in the fulfillment of your dreams, your ability to manifest will become stronger and stronger.

The metaphor of the iceberg appropriately explains this phenomenon of manifesting through visualisation. When you see the top of the iceberg, you are only seeing 20% of it. You can say that if our conscious mind, the part that does the logical present moment thinking is represented by 20% of the ice that is above water, then what is the rest of the submerged iceberg represent?

This is the subconscious mind which possesses the potentials, functions and capabilities of our unconscious. Every experience, thoughts and emotions that we experience is archived in the subconscious through repetition and emotion. When there is an emotion that is intense in nature, either through pain or pleasure, the strength of the impression is accompanied by thought and that thought is archived as a memory. The subconscious is responsible for the functions of our beating heart and bodily functions that occur autonomously without any effort on our part. By taking the initiative to become self aware of our actions, thoughts and intentions aspects of the subconscious can become conscious.

While there is a distinct difference between using our conscious and subconscious mind, they are often used interchangeably. Just as when we ride a bicycle, we use our conscious mind to properly navigate us in the correct direction but the automatic balancing of our bodies on the bike is a consequential action of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a manager at best, absent of any inference to discretion or direction.When we are aware of the present moment, we are using our conscious mind and through this synergy we can utilize the power of the subconscious and manifest incredible potentials that enhances the quality of living life awakened. ~ ༺ 𝓖

Living life without a centre

Whether you look at life as a linear path or a twisting spiral, regardless of your perspective there is always a beginning and an end. As we observe ourselves walking to and fro in all of the complexities that life beholds, it can be challenging to realize that we are not moving through life but essentially, life is moving through us.

This correct view is often overlooked for the sheer fact that we are conditioned to believe that we are an independent entity making choices in our life. The concept of choiceless awareness is not taught to us as the consequence of not being governed by our actions is not a successful intention for the perpetuation of society as we currently know it to be. How would you feel if you were taught that you never make any choices in your life but rather, that you watch choices appear and invariably watch choices being chosen? This concept as you can see is for the more advanced perspective or a mind that has already been introduced to prior concepts of awakening, i.e., the dissolution of free will, religion and death.

An evolving mind would naturally inquire, “If I am not making the choices that are presented to me and conversely if I am not choosing the choices, then who or what is?” The answer simply put is none other than Consciousness. As you do not make the choices so do you not choose them. The nature of our existence is that the appearance, the movement of action is observed and as it unknown why or how such instances occur, it is not necessary to know more that what is being revealed. Although our innate curiosity desires to speculate and to inquire into the potentials of the unknown, it is the path of the awakened one to embrace the uncertainty of whatever wants to be expressed.

In the realization of the awakened mind, it is ordinary to perceive life as a single, momentary expression of Consciousness. Every moment, pure in the perfection of itself, nothing more is needed to make it better or less than. For those yet to be awakened, life is seen as a succession of events, one moment after another, a carefully woven web of continuity somehow leading to a meaningful final destination that has yet to be seen. This perspective is what enables the concept through which we call the story of our life, the story through which we perceive ourselves to be.

The argument can be said to be that I am what has happened to me, what is happening to me, and what will happen to me but it is only when we contemplate, going deep within ourself will we see that this is not who we truly are. These momentary events which we are constantly remind ourselves and reminding others shapes the conditioning of our minds and thus perpetuates an illusory identity through we have become attached to. This identification is our suffering and the only freedom from this suffering is to acknowledge, once and for all that we are nothing more than an unknown variable constantly equating itself within a field of infinite potentials.

“We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps. ― Hermann Hesse

The shock of being exposed to this truth, completely destroys the entire foundation of everything that we are told is true. The carefully woven narrative of our life is not a multitude of moments through which are confined to but truly it is one eternal moment seen from the vantage of many different perspectives. We can see whatever we want to see, whether that means projecting our own subjective intentions on our life experience or allowing life to be seen just as is it, objectively and without interference of any impositions.

Before my awakening, I was a victim of my own grandiose illusions. Torn between the wishful thinking of wanting another life other than what I was experiencing and constantly subjecting myself to the self-inflicted tortures of compromising everything that I cared about just so that I could be an obedient and productive member of society. Living in a bubble of conformity, I kept longing to be accepted as normal all the while numbing myself as I hid my unique and different expressions. I thought that I was sick and in need of something other, anything other than what I was becoming. I was desperate and after many years of trying to adapt it was only when I stopped to look that I could see that I was bound to a sickness and I had to find a cure, at any cost.

In the gradual disintegration of every belief and illusory attachment that I held myself to be, I came to sudden realization that I am much more than I was programmed to think that I was. The societal constraints that I was conditioned to abide within where no longer held together by the limitations of my intellect. By seeing myself as I truly am, I could see the surrounding world as it truly is. Once bound by chains forged of my own imaginations, I freed by myself by the same conjecture but this time there was no limit.

As I embarked into the world that was no longer a foreign mirage of separation, fear and darkness. I set out in the light of my reflection, every moment seeing myself over and over and over again, through the eyes of everyone that I was blessed to meet upon my travels. The celebration of spontaneity and the joy of embracing uncertainty led me on a most amazing adventure, filled with wonder and awe in a journey that spanned across many lands far and wide.

In the search for something more, I found that everything was perfect just as it is. Life was no longer seen as an obstacle to overcome or a problem that needed solved but truly a mystery to be enjoyed in all of its absurdity and beauty. Years later after the destruction of a false image held to be true, I continue to watch myself play in the delights of living life without a centre. This is the invitation to living life awakened ~ ༺ 𝓖

The Paradox of Enlightenment

In the convention of words, it is not correct to say that, “I am enlightened,” but on the converse it is also not incorrect. The paradox of enlightenment is that there is no one there, there is no separate entity that is actually enlightened but the concept of enlightenment as a realization does in itself exist.

Given the many connotations and definitions on the concept of enlightenment, I will share the one that I enjoy using. Enlightenment is transcending the illusion of separation and the bondage of suffering, it is seeing that you are everything and nothing, and thus realizing that you were never born and you will never die.

It is within the context of this definition that I can say that I am enlightened and indeed if you not only agree to this definition but in fact you are experiencing this concept as described according to this definition, then you are also enlightened. If you can agree to this definition but you have not integrated or realized this concept according to your own experience then you must continue until you have arrived.

I have shared in innumerable conversations throughout the course of my world travels about the concept of enlightenment and most beings cannot understand it because they try to use the confines of their feeble intellect. You cannot intellectually understand it, but you can understand it empirically. And when you do, you will understand that there is nothing to be understood because there is no one there to understand it. Can you dig it?

As I openly express myself as enlightened I have attracted an alarming amount of reception, from lovers and admirers, to haters and naysayers alike. There is no shortcoming of attention when you open your mouth and express yourself as being a self-aware being. It is a double edged sword, in part due to the bliss of having acquired a realization that many beings want to attain, you become an actualized beacon of inspiration and to those who refute your expression no matter what you say, their ignorance and triggered inferiority complex cannot be challenged or convinced otherwise.

Being enlightened doesn’t need any external validation, it is a realization from within that can only be confirmed by you. When you know that there is nothing to be known, when you have no more questions, when you can see no difference between yourself and everything else, when there isn’t a shred of doubt that exists within you, then that is the end of the trip for you. After you get the message, you hang up the phone. There is no argument about it.

For most inquiring minds, the question that always comes after the explanation of what enlightenment is, “So you are enlightened, whats next?” And for the enlightened being, this questions never arises because there is only now. Whatever is happening in this moment, that is all that matters, all else is an imagined figment of past or an imagined projection of the future. There is nothing more important than what is happening right here, right now in this moment.

“Enlightenment is transcending the illusion of separation and the bondage of suffering, it is seeing that you are everything and nothing, and thus realizing that you were never born and you will never die.”

Upon discovering the True Nature of your existence, you are welcome to share it with the world or remain silent and never speak another word. There is no responsibility or implied conditions in being enlightened. What you do with your discovery is defined by the fulfillment of your destiny. There is no one size fits all for being enlightened, just as there are a multitude of expressions in Consciousness so is there a multitude of enlightened beings and the only way to truly know is to know thyself.

While anyone can proclaim themself to being enlightened, it not easy to discern who is and who isn’t. There are three ways to tell if someone is enlightened. 1: Someone tells you that said person is enlightened and you go said person with this understanding. 2: The person tells you directly that they are enlightened and 3: You intuitively know said person is enlightened because you are yourself enlightened. The ability to separate the charlatans from the real gurus is truly subjective. There is no litmus test for discerning who is who. Simply put, follow your feelings and intuition. If you are interested in someone no longer then just leave them and continue forward on your path.

Apart from sharing my enlightenment with the world on the internet, I do not share this as open declaration with those who I meet in my personal life. I have learned that speaking in such a manner usually leads to misunderstanding and unnecessary conflict. I have found that the ignorant will be triggered to test you and the weak minded will want to push you down to their level of awareness. Everyone can decide on their own how and to whom they choose to share their realization with. In circles of open minds and open hearts it is a blessing to share this realization but in most aspects of life it is best to be impeccable with your speech and save such conversations for those who are truly ready to listen.

There is nothing more natural and simple than being enlightened for it is our Natural State. The paradox of being enlightened is that it creates a notion that we must be doing something in order to be what we already are but in fact being requires no doing. To be is just that, to be. When you get to the point of no return, the point to which there is no point because now you can finally accept the fact that there was never a point to begin with. When you stop in your tracks and open your eyes for the first time, you will see that nothing has changed, it was merely a shift in your perception for it was there all along, within you.

However long or short your journey may be, rest assured that you are destined to reach your goal. We all are. Whether you realize it in this body, or you have to return this body back to Nature just to come back in another body and play the game all over again. If you are not yet enlightened and you want to fulfill your destiny, then what are you waiting for? Come and take the invitation to living life awakened. ~ ༺ 𝓖