Traveling around the world under the guise of a Guru expressing myself as enlightened has attracted attention from all aspects of life, from skeptics and naysayers, to seekers and devotees alike. Nothing prepared me for the path that I was about to embark upon. From many years of sharing I have learned to structure my words carefully and precisely. The following words are put together in the best arrangement possible to express something that is truly in expressible. This is the Guru Manifesto.

When I express that I am an enlightened being, it is from my direct experience of which I have realized that there is indeed nothing to realize.

I have no vested interesting in making any claims, boasts or brags about being better or higher than anyone. As a matter of fact I do not see anything other than myself. Being enlightened as I define it is the perception of seeing yourself as not being separate from anything. This is the awareness of being in total unity. Every one I meet, I see as a reflection. There are some reflections that can recognize myself as a reflection of themself and then there are others that cannot, they only see a separate person. A projection of their shadows, fears and/or insecurities.

When I declare that I am enlightened it is not meant to offend, provoke or trigger anyone. What I have in equal measure, you also have. What I am, inherently you are also. When I speak of myself from the objective perspective, there is no difference between you and I and when I speak of myself from the subjective perspective, I speak of my story from the vantage point of the knowledge that I have acquired in the accumulation of my personal life experiences.Naturally my personal experiences in life will be different than yours, but my realization of what I am is the same realization when you recognize what you are.

While it may be difficult to accept the fact, you are not in the body, the body is in Consciousness. You are the totality of Consciousness and Consciousness is experiencing itself temporarily through the apparatus of the body-mind, this mechanism is what you call “me.” What you refer to as you is nothing more than the minds function to identify itself by attachment to itself. The nature of the mind is that it forms an illusory continuity between the last moment of what has happened in the past to this moment, what is happening now but essentially every moment is independent of itself. This illusory continuity, a web of moments delicately woven together in your psyche is how you define yourself as you and your life as though you are an independent person living.

I see the body as a biological organism with a mind that interprets all of the ever changing sensations that spontaneously arise. The appearance of the body is that it is solid but if you look closer you will see that it made up of nothing but space. It is through the fives senses, sight, sound, taste, touch and smell that we as bodies function with our surroundings and each other. The world you live in is not the same world that I live in. We each live in a world of our own imagination. From the base conditioning of our mind, with every experience that arises in our lives we continuously construct and enable our identity.

Before I was conceived into this world I was given a name to reference myself in separation from others. Through the bonds of family, friends and society I have learned how to function in a manner that sustains my survival and thus continues to enable the identities of everyone in my surroundings. In this imagined identification to an illusory identity I have created a life that is composed of a multitude of moments each allocated in the confines of my mind. With proper intention I can recall past moments to describe myself as what I had imagined myself to be in contrast to how I perceive myself to be now. This identification to an illusory is the root cause of my suffering but I do not know it yet.

“By dispelling the darkness and bringing the light you will awaken to your True Nature. This is your destiny, flow with it.”

When I looked at myself through the fragmented mind, I was faced with the duality between the image that I had of myself and the image that the world would see. This outer conflict became a seed of insecurity. Burdened by doubts and self-judgments I kept watering this seed of insecurity which inevitably sprouted into an exhaustive inner conflict bearing the fruits of a depression. Suffering became the catalyst that triggered the inquiry into the nature of my existence and the separation of everything else. The process of investigation appeared to be quite difficult as I was faced with the darker aspects of my psyche. Riddled with the confrontation of fear, shame and guilt I shied away at first but I knew that there was no other way.

The challenge of losing yourself is not a pleasant experience when your mind refuses to let go. Cognitive dissonance is the main reason why so many seekers chose to stop their path. We each have our demons that we must face and it isn’t a pleasant experience to acknowledge the darker shadows parts of our egoic nature but if you want freedom more than you want suffering, you will do it without hesitation. Everyone has a different path, some are easier than others but rest assured that your path is the right path for you. Everything that you will experience will give you the attributes necessary for you to persevere and persevere you will.

As I started to inquire into the purpose of my existence, with every question that I has asked, I had to look within myself for the answer. After many months of extensive research, using many methods and countless hours of inner dialogue I stumbled deeper and deeper until I came to a point that I was so deep that there was nothing left to question. I came to my rock bottom, the point where the one who was questioning dissolved into the question itself. Every attachment, belief and thought that I held to be true was irrevocably seen for what it is. Every concept that I cherished in the identification to my mind-body apparatus ceased to exist. The ability to locate myself as a conceptual thing completely disappeared. This is the moment of complete annihilation, the moment when I became enlightened, not I as an individual person but I as Consciousness itself.

No longer seeing myself an illusory separate self, I could recongize the bondage that I used to experience, the bondage that I created. In the absence of creating further bondage for myself I now realized that I was never bound, indeed I am free and essentially I was always free. It was simply a matter of mistaking myself to be something that I was not. In absolute clarity I discovered that this what I was seeking, my self.

As the moment came, the moment always is. As though a lamp was turned on and the light never wanes. Through this apparent shift in perspective came the conclusion that this was all a play, Consciousness pretended to forget itself only to remember itself again, and again, and again, ad infinitum. The play of Consciousness imagining itself to be something other than itself when it is everything, this is the cosmic joke. The absurdity of this realization arose with a spontaneous laughter, it was like of those moment when you are looking everywhere for your glasses and they were always on top of your head.

With this revelation I forged a new path of life. Now abiding in this stateless state of wonder and awe, I used my imagination to create new life experiences. With a newfound outlook on life and an inexhaustible desire for knowledge and adventure I set out into the world sharing this realization with all those who are on their path to self-discovery. By dispelling the darkness and bringing the light we can all awaken to our True Nature as this is our destiny.


In the fullfilment of your destiny, as your reflection, I share this invitation with you.


Will you accept? ~ ༺ 𝓖