Say my name and I am no more

Whether you are beginning a spiritual path or whether you have been on a spiritual path for many years, the power of silence is paramount for the seeker.

In its truest form, silence is communication. While we are conditioned to believe that communication can only come in the forms of our five senses, we are never taught to just to sit with ourselves, to embrace the silence of our being.

The first time I started to consciously meditate in silence, I was overcome with the roving thoughts of my mind. As I sat with my eyes closed in front of the homemade altar in the living room of my apartment, I started to experience myself in ways that I never had before. While I was sitting with an intention to meditate, I started to see the many ways in which my mind moved. As soon as I sat down to consecrate my meditation, the first fifteen minutes were always quite difficult and as I became accustomed to my meditations the difficulties gradually subsided.

As my apartment was on the street side of a main thoroughfare in town, there was always the ambient noise of people and the constant sound from cars passing by. Although I wasn’t sitting in a cave in the silence of the Himalayas, I learned to appreciate these background sounds, and eventually they disappeared as I went through many layers, deeper and deeper within myself. As I had never before taken the time nor effort to sit with myself in silent meditation, I was surprised to find that it was as an easy intention to set and accomplish. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed this special time of the day, whether I would meditate straight out of bed in the morning or whether I sat in the evening, as I continued on my path with the intention to be liberated I made silent meditation a daily ritual in my life.

The profound discoveries I had found in my silent meditations made me question myself as to why I had to wait so long into my life to participate in this beautiful experience. From my earliest memories of being raised in a Western Christian background I remembered that I was told that meditation was an action of the devil, that it was somehow bad but there was never a greater explanation as to why. As I came to start a spiritual path I gave myself the freedom to let go of my past beliefs, this was a challenge but if I was to achieve liberation as I intended to, this was the only way.

Now as I see everything as total unity, before I could only see fragments, a projection of what the picture is but not the picture in its entirety.  Silence was an invitation to see beyond my interpretation of what I thought I was and with it I could observe myself and my surroundings without judgement, perceiving life through an unblemished mirror.  As my spiritual path took many twists and turns, I made a sacred vow to always abide in this immovable state, the silence within and to let this impenetrable silence permeate the totality of my being, in all actions and non-actions.

“To those who listen from the mind, I speak in words.

To those who listen from the heart, I speak in presence.

To those who listen from the soul, I speak in silence.”

Once I was posed with the question, “Why are we not teaching our children and teenagers the fundamentals of how to be silent, how to meditate so that when they grow up they can enhance the relationship that they have with themself and thus affect the quality of their life and the lives of all those around them?” This is an important question and after investigating I found the answer although it was difficult to accept. Our existing societies do not want liberated beings, it would disrupt the Status Quo and defeat the purpose of perpetuating a system that is designed to use everyone of as a commodity. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I sat with myself in silence?”

Entertained by the constant exposure of external stimuli, we live in world where the experience of silence is no longer valued or appreciated but it is often seen as boring or uncomfortable. Perhaps if we were living in a society based upon collective intention, compassion and cooperation rather than competition, ignorance and greed, the advantages of silence would be shared individually and in groups thus enabling the potentials for conscious and liberated beings which would become a synergistic benefit for all humanity, wildlife and Nature.

As I have traveled extensively around the world, I have enjoyed the experience of learning many languages but despite my greatest attempts to speak the tongue of every country I have visited, I have found that the simplest and most effective way that everyone can communicate is through the heart, through the silence of being. In the power of silence you can truly meet, beyond the distortions of the mind, into the source of who we truly are. If you possess the attribute to truly listen, if you can allow yourself to feel intuitively, you can hear everything that cannot be said in the limitation of sounds and speech.

I have heard that there was a remote monastery secluded deep in the woods where all of the monks followed a devoted vow of silence. This vow of silence could only be broken once a year on Christmas, only one monk could speak and the monk who spoke was only allowed to speak one sentence. One Christmas, Brother John had his turn to speak and said, “I love the delightful mashed potatoes we have every year with the Christmas roast!” Then he sat down. Silence in the monastery ensued for another 365 days. The next Christmas, Brother Jacob got his turn, and said, “I think the mashed potatoes are lumpy and I truly despise them!” Once again, silence in the monastery ensued for another 365 days. The following Christmas, Brother Paul rose and said, “I am fed up with this constant bickering!”

As words can hold innumerable meanings and definitions according to context and interpretation, in silence there is a beauty and power where there are no misunderstandings. No matter where you go, where you are coming from or what you are doing, the silence within me is the always same as the silence within yourself. The power of silence is entirely independent of any differences that we may perceive ourselves to be, for it is in this foundation of true recognition, of timeless reflection that we can build and grow within ourselves and with each other. ~ ༺ 𝓖

Chop Wood, Carry Water

As the Zen Proverb goes, “Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” It is easy for one to assume that according to the proverb, if the action is unchanged, then what changes?

Herein lies the paradoxical explanation, nothing changes, because there was nothing that needed to be changed. The action is untouched but it is the perception of the action that appears to be changed. Upon realizing your True Nature, the action is seen for what is. Before Enlightenment you were identified with your mind-body apparatus, but after Enlightenment you have realized that you had assumed a mistaken identity. Previously when you watched yourself chopping wood and carrying water, you were thinking that you were chopping wood and carrying water but essentially you are doing nothing, for you are the immovable apperception that is perceiving the perception of movement arising.

While this may be interpreted as confusing, the very nature of the Mind is to create this confusion, because the essence of what you are, the occurrence of Enlightenment isn’t a thought or an understanding but it is a realization. While the concept of Enlightenment can be intellectually understood, the direct experience of Enlightenment cannot. For this specific reason, expressing anything about Enlightenment, as an attainment or as a subject matter is merely prattle. This is why many Sages, Sadhus and Buddhas alike have taken to a sacred vow silence because through the duality of speech and text, words alone cannot touch the true essence of what Enlightenment is, let alone describing the direct realization of being Enlightened.

Since there are many texts written about this subject, the devout seeker who has taken to acquiring this wisdom through books and literature will find a multitude of contradictions and varied expressions on what Enlightenment is and how to attain Enlightenment. Even this article, which is intended to shed light on this subject, it may contradict the knowledge that you have already acquired on your search. Discernment is paramount in utilizing the information that you intuitively feel will be a benefit to you as a seeker on your path to awakening. Naturally as you accumulate this wisdom, you can refine your path through several different methods, discarding what is unimportant and keeping what is.

The subject of Enlightenment becomes packed with several connotations, most of which is conditioned by society, media and religion. Depending on how you were raised, by awakened or unconscious parents or within a compassionate or ignorant society, these factors and others included will alter your perception of Enlightenment. Either it is a significant goal for you to achieve or it matters not in the least, but if you are here reading this, then obviously this subject matters to you. To whatever extent that you will take these words, as a reflection or as an initiative for you to proceed forward upon your path or whether these words will serve as mere entertainment, fodder to feed your roving mind, this is all entirely up to you.

"When you watch yourself chopping wood and carrying water, you think that you are actually chopping wood and carrying water but essentially you are doing nothing, for you are the immovable apperception that is perceiving the appearance of movement arising."

~ Jablonka, Slovakia. September 2011.

Before I became aware of my True Nature, I was asleep and ignorant to the fact of who I am. As I became familiar to the conceptual understanding of what Enlightenment is, I did everything in my power to facilitate this realization as my direct experience. Naturally, as a sincere seeker I was engaging in many methods until the realization hit me, like a thunderous bolt of lightning, completely shattering every concept, belief and value that I was conditioned to identify with. The world, myself and all that I had considered to be separate and important, instantaneously become void of any meaning, purpose or distinction. As my mind and body were groomed in the making, several months in preparation, it happened suddenly and without warning. When the moment of Enlightenment came, I was truly ready to surrender and accept it as per the fulfilment of my destiny.

Marked in the relative measure of time, I can say now that there was a moment that came, a resounding occurrence that changed my entire life but on the converse, from vantage of the Absolute, nothing has ever changed. It is in the convention of language in which I am expressing myself and as all language is in duality, everything spoken about It can never be It. Seemingly as you continue further and further along your path, you will see that all words inevitably become superfluous. At best words can only be pointers, external references guiding you within yourself. Any advice unsolicited or requested can only be regarded with as much benefit as you are intuitively destined to receive, notably suited to wherever you are at currently upon your path.

Through the records of history and the advancements of technology, we have the luxury to have documented examples of beings who have realised Enlightenment both past and present. With sufficient research one can find a colourful myriad of beings who have shared their path, their unique pitfalls and consequently the moment when their Enlightenment arose. And as there are many perspectives that reflect the various distinctions and interpretations of Enlightenment, the essence of the direct experience speaks for itself, for it is always the same absent of all inference. There are many different paths to the mountaintop but no matter what path you take, when you reach the top, it is the same top that everyone else reaches.

Relatively so, spiritual pursuits hold no greater merit than the counterpart of material pursuits, for it is your intuitive decision to take this path and to stop at nothing until you have acquired your goal. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to become Enlightened, then most assuredly you will. Just as it was my destiny, so is it yours. If you are ready to start your path or if you have already started your path, and you are seeking encouragement, and clarity then I am here to support you. Give yourself the permission to accept The Invitation and find the answer to your question:

What happens when I cease doubting myself and
I start giving myself the freedom to be everything that I could ever imagine? 

Manifesting 101

The ability to transmute thoughts into actions, this is driven by the inexhaustible force of desire which becomes the foundation of this material plane of existence, this is the attribute of manifesting.

Manifesting is how I have created my life, from trying to live the American Dream in the States to extensive travels around the world, in over 21 countries and now to living in a capital city of Europe with a family I have always dreamt of being a part of. From planting the seeds of knowing deep into the fertile soil of becoming, I have manifested my dreams into my realities, and just as I have and continue to do, so can you.

We are all manifestors, it is through our desires that we act in accordance with unique preferences that are based upon a multitude of influences including our conditioned backgrounds, social influences and upbringing. Through these influences we shape the web of our lives, as we wake back in our bodies in the morning and take that first step out of bed, we walk, talk and become what we imagine ourselves to be.

As I gradually learned through my spiritual path that my life was a byproduct of how I imagine myself to be, I took the initiative to introspect, to see why I function the way that I function. Even the notion to shave my beard every two days, an action which I didn’t enjoy, but I never stopped to question myself, “Why am I shaving my beard? For whom? And if I don’t like it what can I do about it?” This was the beginning of seeing the many of my actions that weren’t my actions, I was merely behaving and parroting behaviours that I was conditioned to re-create, over and over without any cause for understanding.

As I started to explore my manifesting powers, first I took to putting a stop to the behaviours that I was not inspired to create and re-create, thus I was able to use this time and energy to focus on experimenting, the main key to refining the attribute of manifesting.

“Any experiment of interest in life will be carried out at your own expense. Mark it well.” - Rochester

In order to know what you want, you must also know what you don’t want. This is the gift of your intuition, whether you like to calculate every movement with the intelligence of your mind or whether you let the guidance of your heart become the compass, your intuition will navigate you in whichever direction you are to go. Even if you try to take the cookie cutter shortcut, to seek external advice, because you haven’t done the work and given yourself the opportunity to truly discover what you like and don’t like, because you constantly say to yourself “ I don’t know” and therefor you think it is easier to ask someone else to do the work for you, someone who you thinks does know, well I am here to tell you that nobody knows your path better than you. If you truly want the full benefit from your experiences so that you can refine your manifesting powers, then you have to go all in.

My extensive world travels were led entirely by pure intuition, from leaving the States with nothing but a backpack and a one-way ticket, to receiving and accepting invitations to parts of the world I only read in books, to hitchhiking with strangers I had just met and being led by the hand to places I have never seen before, if I had taken to seeking advice on every step of my journey, the beautiful spontaneous experiences I have acquired wouldn’t have been the same.

If you are looking for excuses, you will certainly find them. It doesn’t matter where you are, wherever you are, this is the starting point. This moment, right here, right now, this is your starting point and what you decide to do from this moment, this is manifesting the reality that you are living.

Realize that the actions, the time and energy that you are taking in reading these words, this is your ability to manifest. Whether you choose to subjectively interpret my words as your own, or you choose to see my words as my own, even your ability to interpret these two perspectives is your ability to manifest. In every moment, you are creating the reality of which you are experiencing, conversely so, if you do not like where you are sitting right now, what you are doing or where you are, you have the ability to do something about, you have the ability to manifest.

While generally in our baby, toddler and children years of our life we are taught to imagine, we are given the box of crayons and a piece of paper with the uncharted freedom to colour outside the lines, we are playing in the sandbox creating castles and destroying them with unbridled pleasure, but somewhere along the way of becoming a responsible hormonal adolescence and a young adult thrown into a world that is designed to conform us, we lose this ability to imagine and manifest. Instead of a blank canvas which we can paint our abstract and incomprehensible plays of the mind upon, we are given a colour by number, with absolutely no room for modification and dare we try to improvise, we are then convicted to reprimand and punishment.

As I dealt with the fight of my own inner battle, on one hand I wanted to acquiesce to the conformity of which I was conditioned to know, to become a successful member of modern society, to be socially validated, to be rewarded for my enslaved obedience and on the other hand I wanted to be free, to travel the world like as a nomad, to embrace welcome a new horizon every morning and thus the battle continued to ferment within myself until I surrendered and made a new agreement. If you truly desire to be free, you must make this agreement with yourself, no one can do it for you.

Once you make this agreement and forge ahead, making every movement forward, you will find that many aspects that you held to be important are no longer important. There may be many crossroads to come, this is a natural consequence to living in alignment with yourself, and this is just one of the many confirmations that you will receive, a sign post that will tell you that you are on your right path. ~ ༺ 𝓖

Compassionate communication in relationships

The bedrock foundation for all relationships is communication. The ability in which you can express your emotions and thoughts with yourself is reflected in the ability through which you can express your emotions and thoughts with your partner.

Whether in the throws of passionate lovemaking or in the midst of an aggressive argument, the clarity through which you can convey yourself and the ability for you to actively listen, these will be the determining factors in the outcome of every experience. Fundamentally, we learn about ourselves from our society, culture and the influences of those who we share our lives with. We learn how to act by our parents, the guiding example for which we forge the foundation of our life principles. If the parent(s) are good communicators, then naturally the child will be a good communicator.

Through experience and intuition we can understand how we function and why we function the way in which we do. As we all come into this world with a blank slate, a tabula rasa, the conditions through which are exposed to become the building blocks for how we create our lives. In the many stories through which we are surrounded, we acquire that which is unique to us based upon our individual preferences.

As a young child I was raised by a single mother, this experience shaped the perspectives through which I see women and myself in their companionship. While I wasn’t exposed to the daily life of a loving couple I attracted this knowledge from the parents of my friends and that of the skewed perspective related to media, such as movies, books and television. As the former influences can be less than realistic, they still presented a viable example to what potentials may arise in the representation of a cohesive partnership.

As we see life from the selective narrative of our story, as it naturally arises we are bound to be in conflict with ourselves and our partner. As there is no specific template which answers all the questions that may arise in our sharing, being aware can greatly enhance the quality of coming to a solution with in disagreement. Conscious communication, when taken from the heart rather than the mind in both listening and speaking is absolutely beneficial to growing and evolving in a partnership. As some outcomes may be justified in their own right alone, others may need the appropriate space and time to be concluded.

When we as an individual take the initiative to consciously be in a relationship, we make this agreement with every moment, with every shared word, every breath, with the very essence of our being. As we grow into ourselves and with each other, it is important to question our motives with true sincerity, “Am I reflecting or am I projecting?” The answer felt silently within needs not be vocalized, but alas it serves as a constant reminded to what we are consciously bringing to share with each other.

Being in a partnership that holds the same values and intentions to assist you as awaken to your True Nature both individually and collectively is absolutely indescribable.

Being triggered in a relationship is a natural part of the process, perhaps it is an old unresolved wound, a feeling of lack or even a memory reminiscent of a special meaning, as we become vulnerable to each other these areas which we keep hidden from most will be revealed and in the effulgence of light, and of recognition and total acceptance we can rise within ourselves. In my experiences of life, there is nothing that stimulates growth like that of being in a relationship.

As there are many paths to awakening, the path of walking in solitude, and the path of walking with a partner, despite any compassionate attempts to carry another, we must always walk of our own accord. Being able to encourage and support one another on the spiritual path is advantageous but trying to fill the voids within each other will only create more obstructions and suffering.

In my first spiritual relationship my partner knew more than I, although I was already introduced to the concept of meditation and several labels used in spirituality, I lacked the true understanding of the path to awakening. It was obvious that we were at two different levels of awareness, I felt as though I was just crawling while my partner was walking about but with her support and encouragement in a few months time I was on my own two feet and we were walking together. And so it is, per the fulfillment of our destiny, we grew apart as our paths took us to opposite sides of the world but regardless of the separation we remained grateful and appreciate of what we had experienced together.

In the world that you exist in, it may difficult to find like-minded individuals and the necessary support so that you can start and continue on your path. Being in a partnership that holds the same values and intentions to assist you as awaken to your True Nature individually and collectively is absolutely indescribable. The ability to share new revelations, profound insights and a myriad of feelings as you rise higher and higher within yourself will not only accelerate your own path but also the path of your partner.

At times there will be moments when you are walking close together and then there may be moments when gaps are needed, where the observance of space and time for solitude is honoured. As you are open to explore and experiment, you can share in the many methods that are used as a catalyst to awakening, from active physical meditations, to silence and verbal discussions.

If you have a local Yoga community that infuses meditation with their practice or if you have the opportunity to participate in satsang, (the noble company of Truth), these are great potentials to embrace the path of your relationship and to communicate with other beings that are on the same path. Be mindful that not all Yoga and meditation groups facilitate the intention to awaken to your True Nature, using your intuition and doing appropriate research, you will find the places and beings which best suit you and your relationship.

As you continue on your path with experience, trial and error, you will bring a greater clarity within yourself, seeing yourself as new and fresh in every moment, and with this perspective you can see yourself through the eyes of your partner, communicating from the silence of the heart and communicating from the awareness of the mind, this is where you can truly meet each other, this is when you can truly see each other, not as a separate individual but as a reflection of one self. ~ ༺ 𝓖

Spiritual vs Material

The distinction between that which is spiritual and that which is material is advantageous for the beginning seeker to note. Due to the conditioned influences of living in a material world, and the consistent enabling of the identification to the ego, the references that we use in our language plays a large part on how we see the world and how we see ourselves.

For greater understanding I prefer to create significant differences in these dichotomies such as the distinction of material actions and spiritual actions. For those who feel attracted to pursing a spiritual path, the roles are usually divided into that of the seeker and that of the householder. For the latter, those who have taken to adopting social responsibilities and civic duties, the challenge is that the actions labeled as spiritual are usually considered unimportant. Often times spiritual intentions are referred to as less valuable or even invaluable in accordance to the role of the householders participation in society.

In the infancy of my personal spiritual path I was a householder working a 40 hour a week management job with a sole proprietor business on the weekends. The intention I had set for myself as a seeker was to practice, study and meditate everyday in balance with my daily responsibilities. Naturally, I had to be mindful of time management and proper organization to achieve my short term and long term goals. Depending on the day, I would either wake up and meditate for an hour in the morning, divide my meditation into two 30 minute increments during the day or my main preference was to meditate for an hour at night before sleeping. The meditation that I practiced was a silent, sitting meditation before an altar that I had allocated as a sacred space.

Despite having no guru or spiritual advisor every time I had come to an obstruction on my path I had to investigate possible solutions and take the initiative to adjust my practice accordingly. As I was conditioned and raised to identify with a belief system, I was confronted with the fact that I can either stay in this system, confined in the beliefs that left with me with more questions than answers or transcend them entirely. Riddled with feelings of shame and guilt, I had to confront myself as I was faced with a crossroad. I had to decide if I was leave the faith of which I had been adorned with since my birth. This was the biggest obstruction I would have to overcome. With appropriate contemplation I decided that I wanted the Truth more than anything and I took to taking the first steps upon my path, the path that would change my life forever.

“Every seeker has their own unique path, no two paths are alike. While some paths may be short, others may be long, but regardless of the length, every path ends with the same realization.”

Obstructions upon the spiritual path are natural elements and they can be quite varied dependent upon the uniqueness of the individual seeker. Whether you are confronted with a previously adopted belief system, or whether you have past traumas, psychological, physical, emotional or otherwise or whether you come from a social background that criticizes the spiritual pursuit, every obstruction offers an opportunity to transcend and discover a new part of yourself. With the acknowledgement of every obstruction you continue to forge the path as you rise into your power and fulfill your destiny to awakening. While seeking external guidance from another to assist you is beneficial, it is also necessary to take the appropriate time to contemplate all of the choices that are presented to you and to also explore the direction and pace of which you will proceed forth. Everyone has to walk their own path, and all the choices that you watch yourself make on your path can only be completed by you, as the seeker.

As I continued to advanced on my spiritual path, I started to incorporate different meditative methods into my daily duties, such as silent observations, reciting verbal and non-verbal mantras and consistently reminding myself to be completely present in the moment no matter the frequency of which my mind was constantly roving about playing with thoughts and ideas. There are several methods to practice upon the path to awakening, the truth is that all methods are not only traps but all methods are filled with traps. Absent of true clarity upon my own path I found myself in a myriad of traps pertaining to the use of specific methods but as my devotion was paramount and my conviction was unwavering, I took to finding a way out of every trap that I inevitably encountered.

One evening as I was sitting on the floor in front of my altar for my daily silent meditation, with my eyes closed I could see the faint glow of the candles cascading in the darkness, the flickering light cast their shadows as the encapsulating fragrance of sandalwood incense decorated the room. As I sat for an hours time, the first fifteen minutes would be the introduction to the meditation, getting acquainted with my body and my intention. The perception of time became quite distorted when in deep meditation and I went deeper and deeper within myself I felt as thought I was flooded with rapturous lights. I could feel my body convulsing, shaking back and forth as my breath seemed to stop and I was immersed in an ecstasy I had never known before. I felt myself letting go, going deeper and deeper into the void, as though I was disappearing into pure nothingness. As the pleasurable sensations continued to pulse and heighten I felt as though I was existing no more and just as the peak arose to sweep me away I had to open my eyes so that I could see that I was still here.

As I felt my body with my hands, I regained composure and I remained once again with my eyes closed. I continued my meditation and afterwards as my meditation ended, I took the time to processed my experiences and acknowledging the fact that it was quite difficult to comprehend. Despite my best attempts to find an answer to what had happened, I desired to recreate this experience and alas this was my first trap. It took some time but I soon realized that I did not specifically intend to bring about this ecstatic, rapturous state of meditation, indeed it came about spontaneously, without any effort on my behalf. After this recognition I had learned through my own trial and error and as I continued with my meditations I was no longer bound with the trap to recreate such pleasurable states. In past retrospect if I had a guide it would have been a great benefit in bringing understanding so that I could overcome this trap.

Coupled with the sincere devotion of the seeker, the offering of having an external living spiritual guide is not only considered a blessing but also a great asset. While the path must be walked alone by the seeker, the living guide can offer insights which are often overlooked by the perspective of the seeker. Each seeker has their own path, there are no two paths that are alike. While some may be short, others may be long, but regardless of the length, the end of every path always comes to the same realization.

As you advance on your spiritual path, recognizing material actions, as the intentions to acquire the necessary resources needed to sustain shelter, clothing and food for your body, and recognizing spiritual actions, as the intentions that will encourage your destined path to awakening, it will no longer be necessary for you to create such distinctions. In observing yourself and the world around you, you can be passionately engaged but also detached from the outcome of any and all actions, as you will come to the realization that all actions are the same. The recognition of unity will be perceived in all actions and non-actions, for it is the nature of the mind that creates these distinctions, as all actions are derived from the source, all consequences are dissolved into the source, the source that You Are.  ~ ༺ 𝓖

Why is awakening difficult?

As I have traveled around the world sharing in many conversations about awakening, the most common misconception I hear about awakening is that it is difficult. This seems to be the illusory boundary that most seekers inevitably come to upon their path because the result they seek has yet to come to fruition, even through they have devoted time, effort and they can intellectually understand the concept of awakening.

To truly understand what awakening is you must first look at the nature of mind, to see that it truly doesn’t want to awaken, because the mind is designed to create separation and distinction where none exists. We have all been conditioned with a lie that we are a name, a body, and that we are a story of the accumulation of our life experiences, which is a story that is contunuously being enabled by our parents, family, friends and society. But this could be further from the Truth.

Coming to this crossroad, this is where the seeker must each other decide that they are going to give themself the freedom to look past, to go beyond their story or if they are too afraid they inevitably they will retreat back into their story, fearful of losing their social identity, which can result in drastic life changes. Side note; the path to awakening isn’t paved with sparkling gold, dancing rainbows and laughing unicorns, but I can tell you from direct experience that in the end, it is worth all of the sacrifices, however they may or may not come upon your path.

If you have gotten this far on your path, then you intellectually know and agree to the fact, that your name, your body, your story is nothing but a figment of your imagination. This identity has been presented to you as truth, and through the conditioning of your mind, you have taken it to be true, when in fact is not. Now you know it is false, but still you haven’t realized it.

There are times when you are playing your roles in your story and you get so caught up into the emotions, the drama, the conflict of your story that you again forget that it is a story. You identify with your role, whether it be for a day or for a moment and then you catch yourself in the act. This is an opportunity for you to stop, collect yourself and remind yourself that this is nothing but a story. The principle to remember is that you are playing a role, nothing more, and although you are observing yourself play this role, you are not limited to the role itself.

Once you see the false as being false, then you are living life awakened. You no longer see yourself as being limited or flawed, you no longer see everyone as a being separate from yourself and you no longer see life as an experience of never-ending suffering.

Whether or not you engage with others or if you choose to take a devout path of silence or isolation, the difference matters not in the external environment but only in the perspective through which you are seeing yourself function. Taking the initiative to look at yourself from an objective perspective, rather than subjective will be a great benefit in merging knowing into realizing. The true essence of living the awakened life is to be passionately engaged with all that life presents itself to be but to also be completely detached from all experiences and all outcomes.

From being a parent, sibling, family member, friend, lover, enemy and stranger, all these and more are the colourful roles through which we portray ourselves to be in the story of our life. These roles however taken are not meant to be identified with. As such, the actor on the stage, puts on his mask, decorated in the appropriate costume of his character, present and poised he fulfills his role for the duration of the play but when the play is over, the mask is taken off, the costume is discarded and the actor naturally returns to being himself.

This mistaken identity is often referred to the most difficult part of awakening, letting go, completely letting go of you as you think you are. While it may comes as a gradual understanding or a sudden shock to the psyche, the impact of not only knowing but also realizing this Truth will change the course of your life experience in ways that you cannot comprehend. But your intention to awakening, living the Truth of who you are, this will enable you with all of the strength and power that you will need as you continue to walk upon your path.

The consequence of my awakening took me on an adventure all around the world, while this may not be the most typical outcome, rest assured that your awakening will serve you in the hightest as you watch yourself fulfill your destiny, wherever your path may take you. There is nothing that can prepare you for the uncertainty that will come, however drastic it may or may not be, your unwavering devotion to living the awakened life will be all that you truly need.

Once you see the false as being false, then you are living life awakened. You no longer see yourself as being limited or flawed, you no longer see everyone as a being separate from yourself and you no longer see life as an experience of never-ending suffering. On the contraire, you see yourself as unlimited and perfectly imperfect, you see that everyone is a reflection of yourself, and you now see life as an absurd, mesmerizing play of beauty, inspiration and uncertainty, an evolving ecstasy of incomprehensible awe.

Before you were awakened, everything seemed so difficult as desperately tried to grasp at the beliefs, meanings and purposes that you projected upon the world but ultimately in the end, it just wasn’t enough. This movement compelled you to look further, to ask questions that no one asked and as you started to seek and question, what you were seeking was also seeking you. You weren’t looking for a replacement to your beliefs, or a way to rationalize your thoughts but what you were looking for was something more, something deeper, the True Nature of who you are, beyond the mask, beyond the play, beyond the mind. This why you are here, reading this, to remind yourself of what you already know from within.

It is all simpler than the simplest, for what what you are truly seeking is yourself, the seeker is the sought. ~ ༺ 𝓖

10 Baby Steps to Enlightenment

Spoiler Alert: If you want to discover the Absolute Truth on your own, or if you are on  a spiritual path but you aren’t ready to accept the Absolute Truth of who you really are, then heed this disclaimer and read no further.

Truth be told, even though we are all destined for Enlightenment, Enlightenment isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself questioning the Nature of your existence, or if you have already started a spiritual path as you are passionately seeking the realization of Enlightenment, then the following steps may be advantageous to manifesting your intention into fruition.

10. The Rabbit Hole Never Ends

Just like in the popular story of Alice tumbling deeper and deeper into her dream Wonderland, the Rabbit Hole is a metaphor describing a surreal state of absurdity, lack of purpose and meaninglessness of our existence. Your experience on Earth is this Rabbit Hole, even this article is a part of this Rabbit Hole. You can take a myriad of psychedelic, substances, you can travel all around the world acquiring vast experiences as you look for the end and indeed you will not find it. If you think you have gone far enough, then you still have further to go.

9. The Red Pill is only the beginning of the Trip

If you possess the courage to not just stick your toes in but if you are willing to dive in headfirst, you will definitely find what you are looking. Even though the invitation is easy to accept, the will to accept it is usually the most difficult part. Once you know, you can’t unknow. When the veils of illusion disintegrate before your very eyes, it is not only the seeing that changes, but it is the “who” that sees which makes all the difference.

8. Using your mind to transcend your Mind

Intellectually you may be able to comprehend many of the definitions, labels and concepts associated with spirituality and Enlightenment. You may be well versed in several schools of Eastern thought and Western Science, from Buddhism to Taoism and from Hinduism to Quantum Physics but all of this is only a game within a game. The very nature of the mind is to create distinction and separation where none exists.

There is acquired knowledge and there is the knowledge of Being. Many seekers can intellectually understand this fact but rest assured, knowing about it is not the same as Being about it. The paradox of using the mind to transcend the mind is one that cannot be explained, only experienced through self discovery. When the moment comes where you can say that you know nothing, then you will truly know all that there is to be known.

7. If it comes and goes, that isn’t It

Throughout my travels I have met many seekers alike who have had glimpses of the Truth or perhaps they have taken one mushroom too many and they were supposedly Enlightened for a day or two, sorry to bust your bubble, but that isn’t Enlightenment. In the convention of words to say that Enlightenment is an attainment or even a realization is saying much too much. Once you experience the stateless state of Enlightenment, it will be absolutely permanent. Don’t fool yourself, if you think you are, you aren’t … but if you “know” beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are, well, then you most assuredly are.

6. Eventually you have to drop all the books

As many seekers enjoy the sanctuary of reading spiritual books by notable authors and gurus alike, including articles such as this one, it is easy to start identifying with the principles and the so-called teachings of teachers and guides from past to present. Whether you have a living guide or your Guru is dead (in the flesh), the words and interpretations of another can only be a pointer to assist you on your path. What is often said correctly in one moment may be entirely incorrect in the next moment. What is clear in one answer maybe confusion in the next.

There is no rhyme or reason when it comes to reflecting that which you truly are. It is not so much the context of what is being shared that is important, but what truly matters is the power through which it is being shared. You can’t find yourself in a book, but you can let every word take you into the silence from where all words arise from.

Enlightenment is the end of all suffering, it is the never-ending bliss of living in the vivid realization that you are One with everything.

5. Every method is a trap

Everyone has their own method, or a bouquet of methods as in my experience. Whether you enjoy meditations, mantras, songs, Satsang, Tantric Sex or any other forms of worship or devotion taken with the intention to become Enlightened, inevitably as it is, you will find that there may be pitfalls decorated upon your path.

If you have a living guide, they will make the necessary adjustments to your practice but if you don’t then you have to take the initiative to dig yourself out of the hole. Some holes are bigger than others such as the big, ol’mighty cognitive dissonance. Depending on your sincerity to become Enlightened you will not let any obstruction become a hindrance. In the end it’s all about what you want and what you are willing to do to get it.

4. Don’t kill the Buddha on the road

The spiritual path is full of many twists and bends. If you are open and ready, having a bonafide Enlightened Being in your presence may be a great benefit to assist you upon your path, but if your skepticism and doubts cloud your judgment, then you will get absolutely nothing from the experience or advice of another.

While there are many charlatans and imposters alike touting all sorts of claims and systems to be sold to the highest bidder, there are 3 distinct ways to tell that someone is Enlightened, One, either they tell you, two, someone else tells you or, three, you tell yourself.

While there are many attributes to being Enlightened, there is no one size fits all litmus test to prove or disprove anyone’s realization of being Enlightened. Enlightened Beings are just a reflection, a spotless mirror for you to see yourself as you truly are. While the external appearance and personalities may differ, the immovable realization is the same in all Enlightened Beings.

3. Nothing needs no confirmation

While many seekers have glimpses and recognition’s of the Absolute Truth, many seek the validation of their realization so that they confirm they are as they think they are. If you are going to somebody to ask them if you are Enlightened, then indeed you are not. Enlightenment cannot be confirmed by anyone else but yourself. There is no fancy certificate of attainment or special booby prize given at the end of the ride. If you have any questions about who you or what you are, then you are not there yet and this segues perfectly into the next step.

2. The end of all questions

For most seekers the founding question that usually starts the path is “Who am I?” and as it is, the path of seeking unravels, more answers are given and more questions are asked. As the mind listens within the words, the heart listens within the presence and it is in this synergy of the mind and heart where one can come to understand who they truly are.

In this perpetual play of hide and seek, we forget who we are so we can come ’round to remember who are. As the path continues to be taken an unfolding arises where we gradually shed the unnecessary baggage of our past story and we come to recognize our true freedom in the present, in this moment, here and now. It is here where all questions and answers dissolve in silent awareness. This fact is why many Enlightened Beings do not speak in sound, speech or words, for what you truly are cannot be said, only known from within.

1. “You” as “You” don’t exist

Whether you are a beginning seeker or whether you have been on a spiritual path for several years, the inevitable Truth that you will come to is that you and I are not separate, that you and the world are not separate, that “you” as “you” do not exist.

You are dreaming a dream of which you call yourself by name and signify identification to a story of who you imagine yourself to be. The story of your past is just a story, nothing more. Once you give yourself the freedom to see yourself as you truly are, you will realize that you will always Be. You were never born and you will never die. Consciousness is omniscient, and you are Consciousness experiencing itself in the play of being a human, temporarily.

Enlightenment is the end of all suffering, it is the never-ending bliss of living in the vivid realization that you are one with everything, total unity. This recognition greatly enhances the quality of your life. By being present in the moment we can appreciate the fullness and beauty of our existence and thus we can share this fullness and beauty with all those we are surrounded with.

Wherever your spiritual path takes you, know that you don’t have to take a single step to find yourself. ~ ༺ 𝓖

May all beings awaken to the Light of their True Nature