Realized in the mind,Reflected in the heart

My name is Gurudatta. For the past six years I have traveled across 4 continents in over 21 countries facilitating satsangs, meditation circles, private retreats and sharing individual sessions with those who are on a spiritual path to awakening.

After years of living in a life where I felt a constant sense of displacement and unhappiness, I started to question the  source of my existence and the nature of my reality. This is when I started a spiritual path for which I sought to find the answers to all of my questions.

Absent of any external guidance I embarked on an inner journey of self discovery that would change my life. Using the best of the best, from a select bouquet of methods including the principles of Zazen, Vedantic self-inquiry, various meditation techniques, scientific theories of Quantum Physics and philosophical interpretations of Consciousness I made every moment forward. With devout intention and the synergy of Relative knowledge and the Absolute knowledge, I continued to spark the flame from within.

After nine months of seeking a moment came just like this moment, but something incredible happened, a conflagration I became. The perspective through which I had perceived myself to be was no longer, the story through which I was identified with was seen for what it is and the realization of my absolute freedom was known from within. I was no longer bound to the attachments which I had created for myself, the imagination of the seeker disappeared.

In this vivid realization, stable in the awareness and steadfast within my center I sold all of my world possessions, I got a passport and I bought a one-way ticket. With no other plans other than to travel and share, I set out into the world to reflect the boons of my discovery with everyone I was blessed to meet.

Through sharing my life experiences and travels on social media I received many invitations from all over the world, from India to Vietnam, Brazil to USA and Canada to Europe. Spontaneously I watched myself become a world traveler to fulfilling my destiny and becoming a beacon of Light for those who walk on a path to awakening.

Apart from guiding seekers from all colours of life, I passionately enjoy being a father, skateboarding, cooking, photography, writing and exploring different potentials of creative expression.

If you feel attracted to manifesting your dreams into your reality, or if you are a seeker with the sincere intention to realize your True Nature, I invite you to connect and together we can embrace the beauty of the journey.

“Enlightenment is transcending the illusion of separation and the bondage of suffering, it is seeing that you are everything and nothing, and thus realizing that you were never born and you will never die.”