Balancing all the aspects of life

Body - Nature's Design

Embodying power and strength we possess the ability to heal ourselves as we experience a multitude of connections within the five senses. Grounded in awareness, we walk each other home.

Heart - Emotional Intelligence

Vulnerable and open, we empathize with our surroundings as we share compassion, respect and appreciation. Reflecting Love this is the recognition of seeing ourselves within the heart of the other.

Sexuality - Source Energy

Divided into male, female and the other, we are souls embodied. From womb to tomb, the inexhaustible source of our vessels becomes the pulsing throb of our material existence.

Communication - Clarity Manifest

Whether in silence, touch, speech or words, we create our surrounding reality and forge relationships with each other. With concious intention we can convey our thoughts, desires and emotions.

Mind - Cognitive Development

Merging acquired Knowledge and existential Knowledge we can expand our awareness greatly enriching the quality of our life. With mental clarity and intuitive direction we can realize our True Nature.

Soul - Inner Guidance

The essence that is immeasurable by all definitions and infinite by all comprehensions. You are Consciousness imagining itself to be, soul embodied, the eternal Witness that percieves all.

Begin your journey to awakening

Whether you are a seeker on a spiritual path or you are looking for direction to manifest your dreams into reality, I am here as an invitation to support, guide and encourage you to fulfill your highest potentials in all the facets of life.



Once you have started your path as you continue going within yourself, there may be parts of yourself that have been refused, abandoned or neglected. This is where fear, shame, guilt or any negative feelings or experiences may reside. By giving yourself the freedom to accept and embrace these parts, you shed light where darkness once existed and in doing so, you rise unto the next step, transcendence.



In this material realm of duality, wherever there is fear, there is also love. Releasing all bondages and transgressions that once held you down, you rise into your power, into the Light of who you truly are. Free from all doubt, self-hatred and insecurities, you are stable in pure loving awareness. Balanced in your heart center, you discover your True Self, elevating unto the next step, flourish.



In the fullness of total acceptance, you absolve all hindrances to explore new aspects of yourself. Whether in the modes of creation, sustenance or destruction, you continue to refine your powers through experimentation and acquired experiences. Absent of all limitations imposed, your rise to heights exponential as you perceive yourself reflected in everything as everything.You are the living life awakened.


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