Uncharted to a destination only imagined in my mind, I watched myself travel across lands far and wide, over countless seas and innumerable horizons. Journaled in my heart, I replaced words once spoken but now with a silent declaration, for somehow even though I couldn’t explain it, I knew that nothing could ever stop what was destined to come.

There was a time when I would ceaselessly doubt myself, trapped in the repetitive story of my fears and feeling paralyzed I would be confined to the bondage of my feeble insecurities. But then something amazing happened, I decided that I was no longer going to live in my self-created prison. I decided that I was going to accept myself, flaws and all but instead of sabotaging my ideas, I would embrace and encourage them. It wasn’t simply by any measure, on the contraire it was a daunting ordeal to face the many challenges that became revealed but it was only when I gave myself the freedom to be everything that I could imagine, it was only then that my life changed and what was to come, I would never expect.

After many months at sea I had finally arrived at the docks of La Ville Lumière. Bustling with energy, diverse in its origins, the streets filled with passerbys intoxicated of all colours and creeds as the illuminated shadows reflected in the dark night sky above. This was my first time in this enchanted city, and although the distractions were enticing, I stayed focused on my intention. I was here for one reason and one reason only.

For over two years, we have been sharing in correspondence, hand written letters, sealed with a kiss and adorned with the wax emblem of her Royal House. With every letter I held, the fragrance of her perfume intoxicated my mind and visions of her playfulness became my only escape. Our confessions were shared in secret, our deepest thoughts, our forbidden pleasures, for I was far outside of her caste as she was the Heiress to a legacy that I could not fathom. The letters I received were the only communication I had with my beloved, and although we were separated by the measure of space and time — our love only rose higher with every word spared in the distance of our hearts yearning. The last time she wrote she said we were to meet outside of the city, away from peering eyes, in a hotel called the Château de Prye.

I had fallen asleep in the carriage, the pounding hooves of the horses became a soothing lullaby over the cobblestone roads as I was drawn away into a deep slumber, dreaming of how I would meet my beloved. With a sudden jolt, the carriage stopped, the rhythmic sound of the hooves ceased and find myself at the door to the hotel. Overcome with a mixture of emotions, excitement ensued as I gathered my bag and assisted by the servant I was guided into the entrance. I went up the stairs to the small hotel. Knowing that my beloved was only a few steps away, I felt my knees begin to buckle beneath. I stuttered and asked for her by name, we agreed to use an alias so that she could keep her identity hidden, “Debara Bellin.” I spoke forth.

I was escorted to her room, the third door on the left. With every step down that narrow hallway, I could feel my destiny behind the door, and I knew if I went through that door, I would never be the same.

I knocked on the old wooden door to her room. The door creaked open as it was barely closed. I slowly walked in. It was dark, but for a few candles on the window sill, and then I heard her voice, “I am ready,” she said in a faint whisper.

Reflected in the dark shadows, the silhouette of her immaculate form, curvaceous and plentiful, imposed in the flickering candle light I set my eyes upon her. The cadence of my voice interrupted the silent ambience. ‘Are you truly ready my beloved?’

“Take me as you take your own. I am —”

And before she could muster the courage to finish the last of her words, I rushed toward her and placed my hand over her mouth looking down into her beautiful eyes, in a gaze that spoke more than words could ever. Kissing her all over her face, I could feel her surrender within my embrace. My fingers graced along her delicate, soft skin, the pulsating surge of her desire, inviting my every touch. Yearning for more, her body became my canvas, a playground of my deepest desires to satisfy and be satisfied.

Held in the swoon of my arms, her back arched high as her head lay down. I lowered myself closer to her body, upon my tongue I satiated my own indulgences with her taste both exquisite and sublime. With the entrance of a gasping moan, she started to sing her song. Bare and completely vulnerable I gorge into her, delighting in the sight of her surmounting arousal. Forged in years of desire, we erupted and overflowed all over each other.

Her hands began to decorate my body, her nails pierced deep into the muscles of my back, she embraced my strength as her strength. Shuddering for a breath of air, her patience waned and with throbbing urgency she welcomed all at that I am. Encapsulated in the heat of the rising moment, we found ourselves lost in a penetrating gaze as my body became her body, as her body became mine. Sacrificing the inhale into the exhale, a shared breath, eternally forgiving. Exasperated she could not speak but indeed her eyes told me everything that I needed to know. Passionately I listened to her body, to her calling, to her yearning for more. She beckoned the taste of my power and so I ravaged her mortal vessel, gratifying a succulent feast for the decadent play of our insatiable senses.

With my carnal appetite I licked her skin, the rough etching of my tongue sending a tingling wave of sensations coursing up her spine. Wet, warm and saturated in sweat, she wriggled about in an ecstatic movement, like a snake gracefully dancing upon the ground. Grabbing my legs to leverage herself, her chest rose with every breath, dewed with the moisture of sweat, and glistening in the flickering rays of the glowing light. The fragrance from her shivering loins continued to beckon forth with a most impulsive invitation.

From the crown of her head, all the way down to the tips of her toes, every part is ravished with utter simplicity, every fleeting morsel is consumed to no avail. Now mine, now within me, now without subterfuge. The lines of her naked flesh carried a path of their own, leading to a journey into the unknown. My hands guided by the moment, from the soles of her feet to the arch of her soles, down the cusp of her heels all the way to the end of her toes.

Thriving meticulously absent of all contention. I roared aloud with a mighty wind, a passing gust blanketed our intertwined bodies. Steadfast and rising in the embers of her entrance, in this sacred communion we bend and we flow. An inferno of turbulence, a conflagration spreading itself unto itself. As our moans are swept away, back into the silence from where they came, we have forgotten ourselves in this timeless instance. Thrusting into thrusting, deeper into deepening, we disappeared into each other, no beginning nor end.


Entangled in a knot of pulling and grabbing I can feel her teeth searing into my flesh as she tasted the pulsing throb of unrelinquished passion. The intensity of our emotions, the intense longing from within rose higher as we fell into each other, deeper and deeper.

One moment became eternity.

Laying in the calm still of the sultry storm, she turned her head towards me, “I am ready” she barely whispered.

And so again I took her as my own ~ ༺ 𝓖