The Invitation

Awaken to your True Nature

Who am I?

With the initial question to discover the answer to, “Who am I?” I embarked on a spiritual path, with a bouquets of methods including meditation, self-inquiry and Science I came to recognize my True Nature. Living in this vivid realization I have traveled around the world sharing the message of awakening with many beings as they walk upon the path to liberation and now I am here to share this message with you.

A spiritual path is taken by those who have the intention to realize the Truth of they are.

As a mirror reflects what it sees, I am here to reflect this Truth that is already within you. Whether you are just starting your path, whether you have already begun seeking or whether you have been on this path for several years, I am here as an invitation to support and encourage your journey to awakening.

Where are you at on your spiritual path?

To start a fire, you need kindling. There are two types of kindling, wet and dry. Wet kindling needs to be dry first in order to hold the flame, while the dry kindling is completely ready to be lit. This is the analogy which used to determine whether a seeker is ready or not. If you are not yet ready to find your True Self, we can communicate and share so that you can be ready and indeed when you are ready, then we can move onto the next step of your path to awakening.

Wherever you are on your path to awakening, there are key aspects in recognizing your True Nature in relation to understanding the obstructions that may be presented to you. For those who are seeking I have divided the spiritual path into three distinctive potentials.

Beginner - The Stage of Acceptance

As a new flame, you are beginning your spiritual path, sincere in both commitment and conviction. You may or you may not have a clear idea on what direction you should take but you are ready to embrace the next step. The clarification of specific words and concepts pertaining to spirituality may be necessary for your understanding. Encouragement, support and guidance will be a great benefit to your intention.

Intermediate - The Stage of Empowerment

As a lit flame, you have already started your spiritual path, you have progressed far. You are passionate or perhaps you may lack passion, with devotion you want to continue. You may or you may not have a clear direction with the obstructions that may have arisen on your path. Whether through meditation or other methods, necessary adjustments need to made as you continue on your path. Bring greater clarity will enable you to be ready to take your next step.

Advanced - The Stage of Evolution

As a growing flame, you have been on the spiritual for several years. You are well versed in many methods and practices. You have transcended many boundaries that once held you down and you are now ready to completely let go as you rise fully into your power. This will be the end of your seeking and the beginning of a new journey as you rise to exponential potentials in the embodiment of awakened illumination.


If you are awakened and you have recognized your True Nature as formless Consciousness manifested in the divine play of illusion, you are welcome to reflect and collaborate.

“He is like a swift wind chasing away all doubts and a divine mirror making everyone around him question everything. His very being will test your dedication, your commitment, his presence will consume you. He is a unique expression of the divine and I feel a deep blessing for having connected with him.”

– Dhyan Ji, Awakening love

Online Counseling Available

If you are ready to let go of your past, to free yourself from the bondages of your conditioned mind so that you can live a life of your highest potentials, then I welcome you with the opportunity to share presence, silence and conversation in a Skype counseling session.

I am currently offering a FREE introductory 20 minute Skype session for all those who are ready to take this journey. With clarity, sincerity and heartfelt guidance, I will assist you upon your path, wherever it may take you.

For additional information and to schedule your first session please use the contact form. Upon receipt of your message I will send you a reply and we can start our journey together.

1 Session (60 min)€100

3 Session Package€250

5 Session Package€400

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