In the convention of words, it is not correct to say that, “I am enlightened,” but on the converse it is also not incorrect. The paradox of enlightenment is that there is no one there, there is no separate entity that is actually enlightened but the concept of enlightenment as a realization does in itself exist.

Given the many connotations and definitions on the concept of enlightenment, I will share the one that I enjoy using. Enlightenment is transcending the illusion of separation and the bondage of suffering, it is seeing that you are everything and nothing, and thus realizing that you were never born and you will never die.

It is within the context of this definition that I can say that I am enlightened and indeed if you not only agree to this definition but in fact you are experiencing this concept as described according to this definition, then you are also enlightened. If you can agree to this definition but you have not integrated or realized this concept according to your own experience then you must continue until you have arrived.

I have shared in innumerable conversations throughout the course of my world travels about the concept of enlightenment and most beings cannot understand it because they try to use the confines of their feeble intellect. You cannot intellectually understand it, but you can understand it empirically. And when you do, you will understand that there is nothing to be understood because there is no one there to understand it. Can you dig it?

As I openly express myself as enlightened I have attracted an alarming amount of reception, from lovers and admirers, to haters and naysayers alike. There is no shortcoming of attention when you open your mouth and express yourself as being a self-aware being. It is a double edged sword, in part due to the bliss of having acquired a realization that many beings want to attain, you become an actualized beacon of inspiration and to those who refute your expression no matter what you say, their ignorance and triggered inferiority complex cannot be challenged or convinced otherwise.

Being enlightened doesn’t need any external validation, it is a realization from within that can only be confirmed by you. When you know that there is nothing to be known, when you have no more questions, when you can see no difference between yourself and everything else, when there isn’t a shred of doubt that exists within you, then that is the end of the trip for you. After you get the message, you hang up the phone. There is no argument about it.

For most inquiring minds, the question that always comes after the explanation of what enlightenment is, “So you are enlightened, whats next?” And for the enlightened being, this questions never arises because there is only now. Whatever is happening in this moment, that is all that matters, all else is an imagined figment of past or an imagined projection of the future. There is nothing more important than what is happening right here, right now in this moment.

“Enlightenment is transcending the illusion of separation and the bondage of suffering, it is seeing that you are everything and nothing, and thus realizing that you were never born and you will never die.”

Upon discovering the True Nature of your existence, you are welcome to share it with the world or remain silent and never speak another word. There is no responsibility or implied conditions in being enlightened. What you do with your discovery is defined by the fulfillment of your destiny. There is no one size fits all for being enlightened, just as there are a multitude of expressions in Consciousness so is there a multitude of enlightened beings and the only way to truly know is to know thyself.

While anyone can proclaim themself to being enlightened, it not easy to discern who is and who isn’t. There are three ways to tell if someone is enlightened. 1: Someone tells you that said person is enlightened and you go said person with this understanding. 2: The person tells you directly that they are enlightened and 3: You intuitively know said person is enlightened because you are yourself enlightened. The ability to separate the charlatans from the real gurus is truly subjective. There is no litmus test for discerning who is who. Simply put, follow your feelings and intuition. If you are interested in someone no longer then just leave them and continue forward on your path.

Apart from sharing my enlightenment with the world on the internet, I do not share this as open declaration with those who I meet in my personal life. I have learned that speaking in such a manner usually leads to misunderstanding and unnecessary conflict. I have found that the ignorant will be triggered to test you and the weak minded will want to push you down to their level of awareness. Everyone can decide on their own how and to whom they choose to share their realization with. In circles of open minds and open hearts it is a blessing to share this realization but in most aspects of life it is best to be impeccable with your speech and save such conversations for those who are truly ready to listen.

There is nothing more natural and simple than being enlightened for it is our Natural State. The paradox of being enlightened is that it creates a notion that we must be doing something in order to be what we already are but in fact being requires no doing. To be is just that, to be. When you get to the point of no return, the point to which there is no point because now you can finally accept the fact that there was never a point to begin with. When you stop in your tracks and open your eyes for the first time, you will see that nothing has changed, it was merely a shift in your perception for it was there all along, within you.

However long or short your journey may be, rest assured that you are destined to reach your goal. We all are. Whether you realize it in this body, or you have to return this body back to Nature just to come back in another body and play the game all over again. If you are not yet enlightened and you want to fulfill your destiny, then what are you waiting for? Come and take the invitation to living life awakened. ~ ༺ 𝓖