Whether you look at life as a linear path or a twisting spiral, regardless of your perspective there is always a beginning and an end. As we observe ourselves walking to and fro in all of the complexities that life beholds, it can be challenging to realize that we are not moving through life but essentially, life is moving through us.

This correct view is often overlooked for the sheer fact that we are conditioned to believe that we are an independent entity making choices in our life. The concept of choiceless awareness is not taught to us as the consequence of not being governed by our actions is not a successful intention for the perpetuation of society as we currently know it to be. How would you feel if you were taught that you never make any choices in your life but rather, that you watch choices appear and invariably watch choices being chosen? This concept as you can see is for the more advanced perspective or a mind that has already been introduced to prior concepts of awakening, i.e., the dissolution of free will, religion and death.

An evolving mind would naturally inquire, “If I am not making the choices that are presented to me and conversely if I am not choosing the choices, then who or what is?” The answer simply put is none other than Consciousness. As you do not make the choices so do you not choose them. The nature of our existence is that the appearance, the movement of action is observed and as it unknown why or how such instances occur, it is not necessary to know more that what is being revealed. Although our innate curiosity desires to speculate and to inquire into the potentials of the unknown, it is the path of the awakened one to embrace the uncertainty of whatever wants to be expressed.

In the realization of the awakened mind, it is ordinary to perceive life as a single, momentary expression of Consciousness. Every moment, pure in the perfection of itself, nothing more is needed to make it better or less than. For those yet to be awakened, life is seen as a succession of events, one moment after another, a carefully woven web of continuity somehow leading to a meaningful final destination that has yet to be seen. This perspective is what enables the concept through which we call the story of our life, the story through which we perceive ourselves to be.

The argument can be said to be that I am what has happened to me, what is happening to me, and what will happen to me but it is only when we contemplate, going deep within ourself will we see that this is not who we truly are. These momentary events which we are constantly remind ourselves and reminding others shapes the conditioning of our minds and thus perpetuates an illusory identity through we have become attached to. This identification is our suffering and the only freedom from this suffering is to acknowledge, once and for all that we are nothing more than an unknown variable constantly equating itself within a field of infinite potentials.

“We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps. ― Hermann Hesse

The shock of being exposed to this truth, completely destroys the entire foundation of everything that we are told is true. The carefully woven narrative of our life is not a multitude of moments through which are confined to but truly it is one eternal moment seen from the vantage of many different perspectives. We can see whatever we want to see, whether that means projecting our own subjective intentions on our life experience or allowing life to be seen just as is it, objectively and without interference of any impositions.

Before my awakening, I was a victim of my own grandiose illusions. Torn between the wishful thinking of wanting another life other than what I was experiencing and constantly subjecting myself to the self-inflicted tortures of compromising everything that I cared about just so that I could be an obedient and productive member of society. Living in a bubble of conformity, I kept longing to be accepted as normal all the while numbing myself as I hid my unique and different expressions. I thought that I was sick and in need of something other, anything other than what I was becoming. I was desperate and after many years of trying to adapt it was only when I stopped to look that I could see that I was bound to a sickness and I had to find a cure, at any cost.

In the gradual disintegration of every belief and illusory attachment that I held myself to be, I came to sudden realization that I am much more than I was programmed to think that I was. The societal constraints that I was conditioned to abide within where no longer held together by the limitations of my intellect. By seeing myself as I truly am, I could see the surrounding world as it truly is. Once bound by chains forged of my own imaginations, I freed by myself by the same conjecture but this time there was no limit.

As I embarked into the world that was no longer a foreign mirage of separation, fear and darkness. I set out in the light of my reflection, every moment seeing myself over and over and over again, through the eyes of everyone that I was blessed to meet upon my travels. The celebration of spontaneity and the joy of embracing uncertainty led me on a most amazing adventure, filled with wonder and awe in a journey that spanned across many lands far and wide.

In the search for something more, I found that everything was perfect just as it is. Life was no longer seen as an obstacle to overcome or a problem that needed solved but truly a mystery to be enjoyed in all of its absurdity and beauty. Years later after the destruction of a false image held to be true, I continue to watch myself play in the delights of living life without a centre. This is the invitation to living life awakened ~ ༺ 𝓖