The entire fabrication of your life experience, seen through the mind and experienced through the five senses of the body is nothing more a figment of your imagination. You imagine yourself into existence, as well as imagining everyone and everything else that you perceive to be. It is in this knowing where you can utilize your power of imagination to create a dream reality which elevates your highest potentials.

As you are embodied in a borrowed, temporary vehicle of Nature you can enjoy your experience in this relative material existence knowing that a moment will come when you will return your body back to Nature. This inherent Truth can either be a catalyst for you to truly embrace all that arises in your dream or you can live a life filled with fear, apprehension and doubt and indeed the end result will not change because you made an agreement when you manifested yourself from formlessness into form. We all made this agreement and the sooner you accept this Truth, the sooner you can really start living your life as you imagine yourself to be.

The body has its various limitations based upon the confines of Natures design and the means through which it communicates with the environment. Your body is your responsibility to care and to provide for with the resources that Nature has bestowed from the environment. The basics are food, shelter and clothing, through the foundation of these three resources you can build and design your own creations, such as nourishment in food, housing in shelter and garments in clothing. Knowing that your experience is temporary, the accumulation of these material resources are yours to enjoy only as long as you are embodied. Any attachment or identification to these material resources will inevitably result in suffering. While the basics in their core state are fundamental for the survival existence of your body, the egoic need to accumulate more than what you need is not.

The mind has its various limitations based upon the conditioning through which you have experienced from a baby into your current position. This conditioning shapes the biological nature of the brain but it also shapes the narrative structure through which you imagine yourself to be. For example, if you were conditioned to be indoctrinated with a religious system, then the consequence is that you will see yourself through this indoctrination and thus you will see the world through this indoctrination as well. As you have not given consent to being indoctrinated either with religious, social or cultural programming, despite this violent imposition you do possess the power to de-program yourself. This is a challenging endeavour but your conviction in de-programming yourself from the conditioned indoctrination of your mind will be an advantage in creating your dream reality as you imagine, not as your conditioning tells you to imagine.

The foundation of your mind, the conditioning through which you have learned about yourself is necessary for you to function on the level that you want to interact with society and others. It is important to know that you can change the identification to your conditioning but you cannot change the foundation that enables your identity as far as how you perceive yourself to be. This base conditioning is necessary to sustain your identity as long as your mind is capable of cognition. If you change the entirety of your conditioned mind, then you won’t exist anymore as you. The body and mind function within the identity that you perceive yourself to be based upon the accumulations of your life experiences, if the base conditioning and the acquired experiences that sustain your identity are not there anymore then neither will you be.

Putting these two variables together, integrating the relative nature of the body and the intellectual constructs of the mind this will allow you to re-design yourself and the reality that you choose to experience. Utilizing your strengths in the uniqueness of your expression and understanding your weaknesses will be a great benefit in manifesting your dreams into your reality. The only limit beyond the relative boundaries are determined only by you. If you have a big appetite and you like to bite off more than you can chew than take it all. If you have a small appetite and prefer to stay in your comfort zone, then heed forth with necessary caution.

“The only limit beyond the relative boundaries are determined only by you. If you have a big appetite and you like to bite off more than you can chew than take it all. If you have a small appetite and prefer to stay in your comfort zone, then heed forth with necessary caution.”

In my experience I was programmed with an indoctrination of Christianity. The perspective through which I viewed myself the world around me was that of a conditioned Christian. Seeing everything as a sin, as people as sinners and casting judgments upon everyone was an integral feature within my life. Knowing nothing else other than this indoctrination I was forced to continually feed this ignorance until I became an adult and I made the choice to de-program myself. This choice came at a great cost because I would lost the identity that I thought that I was, but the conviction of my choice came in the realization that this identity was false.

If I wasn’t this false identity, then who am I? And the search for the answer to this question is what started the quest to disentangle and disassociate from everything that I was conditioned to believe was true. With a devout intention to free myself from all limitations imposed I unraveled every web of deceit and corruption. Eradicating all that was false, the truth of who I am gradually became revealed. Layers upon layers of fabricated misconceptions were all destroyed, one by one until I got down to the point where there was nothing left to be acknowledge or destroyed.

It was in the light of this darkness that I came to see myself as I truly am. Beyond the illusory projections and manipulated conditioning, I could not only see who I was, but who I could become. In this recognition of raw beauty and immaculate glory, I recreated myself in the image of my boundless imagination. Absent of all self-created suffering, doubt and insecurities I forged ahead with nothing holding me back. What was going to happen, I did not know but I didn’t have to know because with every step taken, everything I was to know was revealed. And so it is, I started to create my life as I imagined myself to be.

The indirect consequence of this realization was that I started to attract many other beings from all around the world who shared the same desire to free themselves just as I have freed myself. What I am in power, you are also in equal measure. For it is in this reflection that we can see each other as one. This is the Invitation to living life awakened, will you accept it? ~ ༺ 𝓖