The ability to transmute thoughts into actions, this is driven by the inexhaustible force of desire which becomes the foundation of this material plane of existence, this is the attribute of manifesting.

For the first rule of manifesting, you must know what you want and what you don’t want. This clarity is imperative in discerning what specific thoughts are to be created and what specific actions are to be taken. The only way you can know what you want and what you don’t want is to acquire exposure through experiences. The more experiences you have the better and the more freedom that you give yourself to experience the better. Most people limit themselves due to a multitude of reasons including their conditioned mind, religious identifications, and/or their own fears. These limitations will not be beneficial in the least and they must be confronted as they arise. These limitations may give you an illusory feeling of comfort and sense of security but they will be not help you in having the necessary freedom to acquire new experiences.

Everyone is unique in the both the quantity and the quality of the experiences they need in order to possess the clarity necessary to know what they want and what they don’t want. Naturally it is assumed that an older being who has experienced more in their lifetime in converse to that of a younger being would have greater clarity but that isn’t always the case. In fact this generation of younger beings have the benefit of advanced technology and the convenient availability to countless resources. Due to these variables and others, the younger beings have given themselves the freedom to explore more than their parents and elders of generations past. This has allowed the younger generations to have a greater sense of clarity and a stronger knowledge of self, which can result in the potential to manifest much greater than our ancestors have.

With every experience comes a lesson, one that either confirms what you like or one that confirms what you don’t like. By pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone you can access new realms of exploration. How far you push is entirely up to you, your courage and the appetite to which you can integrate your experiences. Accumulating experiences is one part of the process while the other part of the process is integrating these experiences, otherwise you can get caught in the circular trap of repeating experiences for which you haven’t learned the lesson yet because you haven’t integrated the knowledge acquired.

The process of integration is based upon the individual and the ability to comprehend the events that have taken place. You have the option to take the appropriate time to integrate your experiences, dependent on the intensity through which they have arisen but it is not advantageous to take too long for new experiences are always arising. It is notable to remember that you can’t get time back when its gone. The speed and the ability through which you can both acquire experiences and integrate them will make you stronger and more powerful in your manifesting powers. The greatest manifestors are able to experience and integrate simultaneously. This can be challenging to learn but when you are able to access your powers at will rather than waiting to integrate and then access them, it makes a remarkable difference.

As cliché as the saying goes “Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” There is truth in these words. Many times we can be faced with great difficulties in our life experiences, some of which may seem to have absolutely no solution but as you continue to acquire experiences you will see that indeed every experience has its own resolve. Whether or not your mind will accept or reject the experiences and/or their resolve that is dependent only by you. Much of what we experience cannot be comprehended by the mind but that does not stop us from learning and integrating the experience. Some lessons can be learned immediately while others may be combined with experiences that are yet to be acquired.

“With every seed you plant, it will grow into fruits of abundance, to be harvested and shared. You will no longer just exist to survive, but indeed you will fulfill your destiny and thrive.”

As I started my spiritual path, I learned early on about the great potential to manifest. It was disturbing to not only accept the fact that I was living a life that I didn’t want to live but to also accept the fact that I was continuously creating this life. When I was confronted with this truth that I was creating my own suffering, I made a vow to stop it immediately. The consequence was not only in accepting this truth but in taking the actions to change it. With an objective perspective I observed everything about the nature of my mind and the manner it which I was functioning. From the innumerable thoughts that arose spontaneously to the repercussions of my actions precipitated by these thoughts. When I was able to see the hindrance of my patterns, the ones which were creating self-created suffering, I acknowledged them and changed them to become an asset to elevate and support my path.

Living an environment that did not enable my intentions was condemning in every respect. There is a level of compromise for everyone, a rock bottom that only you can know how far it truly goes and I had reached mine. To the depths of my own darkness I went as far as I could go until I could go no further. I came to a point in my existence where I was either going to transcend my limitations or perish in the confines of my own demise. I choose to live but no longer at the sacrifice of being nothing more than a commodity to perpetuate a system that is solely designed to maintain itself at any cost.

And so it is, I gave myself the freedom to deny myself nothing and to give myself everything. Venturing out into the world, absent of any compass I embarked on a journey that gave me every experience I could ever imagine and more. In the accumulation of these experiences I advanced to levels that I never knew existed. Refining every movement with calculated measure and celebrating the essence of uncertainty, I became steadfast and articulate within my intuition which gave me the ability to manifest my dreams and desires into my reality.

Through the accumulation of your experiences and the integrations of lessons learned you will rise higher and higher in your manifesting power to heights unknown. As you grow and expand, your intuition will be your guidance telling you where to go and what you should do. Listen to your intuition attentively. With every seed you plant, it will grow into fruits of abundance, to be harvested and shared. You will no longer just exist to survive, but indeed you will fulfill your destiny and thrive. This is the Invitation to living life awakened. ~ ༺ 𝓖