The ability to transmute thoughts into actions, this is driven by the inexhaustible force of desire which becomes the foundation of this material plane of existence, this is the attribute of manifesting.

Manifesting is how I have created my life, from trying to live the American Dream in the States to extensive travels around the world, in over 21 countries and now to living in a capital city of Europe with a family I have always dreamt of being a part of. From planting the seeds of knowing deep into the fertile soil of becoming, I have manifested my dreams into my realities, and just as I have and continue to do, so can you.

We are all manifestors, it is through our desires that we act in accordance with unique preferences that are based upon a multitude of influences including our conditioned backgrounds, social influences and upbringing. Through these influences we shape the web of our lives, as we wake back in our bodies in the morning and take that first step out of bed, we walk, talk and become what we imagine ourselves to be.

As I gradually learned through my spiritual path that my life was a byproduct of how I imagine myself to be, I took the initiative to introspect, to see why I function the way that I function. Even the notion to shave my beard every two days, an action which I didn’t enjoy, but I never stopped to question myself, “Why am I shaving my beard? For whom? And if I don’t like it what can I do about it?” This was the beginning of seeing the many of my actions that weren’t my actions, I was merely behaving and parroting behaviours that I was conditioned to re-create, over and over without any cause for understanding.

As I started to explore my manifesting powers, first I took to putting a stop to the behaviours that I was not inspired to create and re-create, thus I was able to use this time and energy to focus on experimenting, the main key to refining the attribute of manifesting.

“Any experiment of interest in life will be carried out at your own expense. Mark it well.” - Rochester

In order to know what you want, you must also know what you don’t want. This is the gift of your intuition, whether you like to calculate every movement with the intelligence of your mind or whether you let the guidance of your heart become the compass, your intuition will navigate you in whichever direction you are to go. Even if you try to take the cookie cutter shortcut, to seek external advice, because you haven’t done the work and given yourself the opportunity to truly discover what you like and don’t like, because you constantly say to yourself “ I don’t know” and therefor you think it is easier to ask someone else to do the work for you, someone who you thinks does know, well I am here to tell you that nobody knows your path better than you. If you truly want the full benefit from your experiences so that you can refine your manifesting powers, then you have to go all in.

My extensive world travels were led entirely by pure intuition, from leaving the States with nothing but a backpack and a one-way ticket, to receiving and accepting invitations to parts of the world I only read in books, to hitchhiking with strangers I had just met and being led by the hand to places I have never seen before, if I had taken to seeking advice on every step of my journey, the beautiful spontaneous experiences I have acquired wouldn’t have been the same.

If you are looking for excuses, you will certainly find them. It doesn’t matter where you are, wherever you are, this is the starting point. This moment, right here, right now, this is your starting point and what you decide to do from this moment, this is manifesting the reality that you are living.

Realize that the actions, the time and energy that you are taking in reading these words, this is your ability to manifest. Whether you choose to subjectively interpret my words as your own, or you choose to see my words as my own, even your ability to interpret these two perspectives is your ability to manifest. In every moment, you are creating the reality of which you are experiencing, conversely so, if you do not like where you are sitting right now, what you are doing or where you are, you have the ability to do something about, you have the ability to manifest.

While generally in our baby, toddler and children years of our life we are taught to imagine, we are given the box of crayons and a piece of paper with the uncharted freedom to colour outside the lines, we are playing in the sandbox creating castles and destroying them with unbridled pleasure, but somewhere along the way of becoming a responsible hormonal adolescence and a young adult thrown into a world that is designed to conform us, we lose this ability to imagine and manifest. Instead of a blank canvas which we can paint our abstract and incomprehensible plays of the mind upon, we are given a colour by number, with absolutely no room for modification and dare we try to improvise, we are then convicted to reprimand and punishment.

As I dealt with the fight of my own inner battle, on one hand I wanted to acquiesce to the conformity of which I was conditioned to know, to become a successful member of modern society, to be socially validated, to be rewarded for my enslaved obedience and on the other hand I wanted to be free, to travel the world like as a nomad, to embrace welcome a new horizon every morning and thus the battle continued to ferment within myself until I surrendered and made a new agreement. If you truly desire to be free, you must make this agreement with yourself, no one can do it for you.

Once you make this agreement and forge ahead, making every movement forward, you will find that many aspects that you held to be important are no longer important. There may be many crossroads to come, this is a natural consequence to living in alignment with yourself, and this is just one of the many confirmations that you will receive, a sign post that will tell you that you are on your right path. ~ ༺ 𝓖