Spoiler Alert: If you want to discover the Absolute Truth on your own, or if you are on  a spiritual path but you aren’t ready to accept the Absolute Truth of who you really are, then heed this disclaimer and read no further.

Truth be told, even though we are all destined for Enlightenment, Enlightenment isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself questioning the Nature of your existence, or if you have already started a spiritual path as you are passionately seeking the realization of Enlightenment, then the following steps may be advantageous to manifesting your intention into fruition.

10. The Rabbit Hole Never Ends

Just like in the popular story of Alice tumbling deeper and deeper into her dream Wonderland, the Rabbit Hole is a metaphor describing a surreal state of absurdity, lack of purpose and meaninglessness of our existence. Your experience on Earth is this Rabbit Hole, even this article is a part of this Rabbit Hole. You can take a myriad of psychedelic, substances, you can travel all around the world acquiring vast experiences as you look for the end and indeed you will not find it. If you think you have gone far enough, then you still have further to go.

9. The Red Pill is only the beginning of the Trip

If you possess the courage to not just stick your toes in but if you are willing to dive in headfirst, you will definitely find what you are looking. Even though the invitation is easy to accept, the will to accept it is usually the most difficult part. Once you know, you can’t unknow. When the veils of illusion disintegrate before your very eyes, it is not only the seeing that changes, but it is the “who” that sees which makes all the difference.

8. Using your mind to transcend your Mind

Intellectually you may be able to comprehend many of the definitions, labels and concepts associated with spirituality and Enlightenment. You may be well versed in several schools of Eastern thought and Western Science, from Buddhism to Taoism and from Hinduism to Quantum Physics but all of this is only a game within a game. The very nature of the mind is to create distinction and separation where none exists.

There is acquired knowledge and there is the knowledge of Being. Many seekers can intellectually understand this fact but rest assured, knowing about it is not the same as Being about it. The paradox of using the mind to transcend the mind is one that cannot be explained, only experienced through self discovery. When the moment comes where you can say that you know nothing, then you will truly know all that there is to be known.

7. If it comes and goes, that isn’t It

Throughout my travels I have met many seekers alike who have had glimpses of the Truth or perhaps they have taken one mushroom too many and they were supposedly Enlightened for a day or two, sorry to bust your bubble, but that isn’t Enlightenment. In the convention of words to say that Enlightenment is an attainment or even a realization is saying much too much. Once you experience the stateless state of Enlightenment, it will be absolutely permanent. Don’t fool yourself, if you think you are, you aren’t … but if you “know” beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are, well, then you most assuredly are.

6. Eventually you have to drop all the books

As many seekers enjoy the sanctuary of reading spiritual books by notable authors and gurus alike, including articles such as this one, it is easy to start identifying with the principles and the so-called teachings of teachers and guides from past to present. Whether you have a living guide or your Guru is dead (in the flesh), the words and interpretations of another can only be a pointer to assist you on your path. What is often said correctly in one moment may be entirely incorrect in the next moment. What is clear in one answer maybe confusion in the next.

There is no rhyme or reason when it comes to reflecting that which you truly are. It is not so much the context of what is being shared that is important, but what truly matters is the power through which it is being shared. You can’t find yourself in a book, but you can let every word take you into the silence from where all words arise from.

Enlightenment is the end of all suffering, it is the never-ending bliss of living in the vivid realization that you are One with everything.

5. Every method is a trap

Everyone has their own method, or a bouquet of methods as in my experience. Whether you enjoy meditations, mantras, songs, Satsang, Tantric Sex or any other forms of worship or devotion taken with the intention to become Enlightened, inevitably as it is, you will find that there may be pitfalls decorated upon your path.

If you have a living guide, they will make the necessary adjustments to your practice but if you don’t then you have to take the initiative to dig yourself out of the hole. Some holes are bigger than others such as the big, ol’mighty cognitive dissonance. Depending on your sincerity to become Enlightened you will not let any obstruction become a hindrance. In the end it’s all about what you want and what you are willing to do to get it.

4. Don’t kill the Buddha on the road

The spiritual path is full of many twists and bends. If you are open and ready, having a bonafide Enlightened Being in your presence may be a great benefit to assist you upon your path, but if your skepticism and doubts cloud your judgment, then you will get absolutely nothing from the experience or advice of another.

While there are many charlatans and imposters alike touting all sorts of claims and systems to be sold to the highest bidder, there are 3 distinct ways to tell that someone is Enlightened, One, either they tell you, two, someone else tells you or, three, you tell yourself.

While there are many attributes to being Enlightened, there is no one size fits all litmus test to prove or disprove anyone’s realization of being Enlightened. Enlightened Beings are just a reflection, a spotless mirror for you to see yourself as you truly are. While the external appearance and personalities may differ, the immovable realization is the same in all Enlightened Beings.

3. Nothing needs no confirmation

While many seekers have glimpses and recognition’s of the Absolute Truth, many seek the validation of their realization so that they confirm they are as they think they are. If you are going to somebody to ask them if you are Enlightened, then indeed you are not. Enlightenment cannot be confirmed by anyone else but yourself. There is no fancy certificate of attainment or special booby prize given at the end of the ride. If you have any questions about who you or what you are, then you are not there yet and this segues perfectly into the next step.

2. The end of all questions

For most seekers the founding question that usually starts the path is “Who am I?” and as it is, the path of seeking unravels, more answers are given and more questions are asked. As the mind listens within the words, the heart listens within the presence and it is in this synergy of the mind and heart where one can come to understand who they truly are.

In this perpetual play of hide and seek, we forget who we are so we can come ’round to remember who are. As the path continues to be taken an unfolding arises where we gradually shed the unnecessary baggage of our past story and we come to recognize our true freedom in the present, in this moment, here and now. It is here where all questions and answers dissolve in silent awareness. This fact is why many Enlightened Beings do not speak in sound, speech or words, for what you truly are cannot be said, only known from within.

1. “You” as “You” don’t exist

Whether you are a beginning seeker or whether you have been on a spiritual path for several years, the inevitable Truth that you will come to is that you and I are not separate, that you and the world are not separate, that “you” as “you” do not exist.

You are dreaming a dream of which you call yourself by name and signify identification to a story of who you imagine yourself to be. The story of your past is just a story, nothing more. Once you give yourself the freedom to see yourself as you truly are, you will realize that you will always Be. You were never born and you will never die. Consciousness is omniscient, and you are Consciousness experiencing itself in the play of being a human, temporarily.

Enlightenment is the end of all suffering, it is the never-ending bliss of living in the vivid realization that you are one with everything, total unity. This recognition greatly enhances the quality of your life. By being present in the moment we can appreciate the fullness and beauty of our existence and thus we can share this fullness and beauty with all those we are surrounded with.

Wherever your spiritual path takes you, know that you don’t have to take a single step to find yourself. ~ ༺ 𝓖

May all beings awaken to the Light of their True Nature