What happens when you discover that the only limitation stopping you from realizing your True Nature is you?

While there are many attributes and their collective integration that can be advantageous on the path in fulfilling your destiny. There is one single inherent attribute that is the most important of them all, on the path of the devout seeker, that attribute is of courage. Absent of the embodiment and integration of courage, the seeker will not have the necessary strength and power to not only transcend the obstructions that may inevitably appear on their path and nor will they possess the conviction to be consistent amidst any apparent lack of progress. The acknowledgement of our darker aspect, the shadow self of what we are, this confrontation alone is enough to deter many seekers from even starting their path.

There is a bliss to being ignorant that is only true if you enjoy and embrace your suffering. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will accept the fact that you do not enjoy suffering because if you did, you would not be looking for a way out of it. Suffering is the necessary catalyst in all aspects of realizing ones True Nature. Whether it comes about spontaneously, such as a mental breakdown that shatters all distortions of separation or whether it comes as a direct consequence to a spiritual path garnered towards awakening, the final result is always the same. The bliss of Being is one that supersedes all notions of being in the bliss of ignorance, but this truth is shared only in the convention of words. The experience of the seeker realizing that they were only seeking themself, just as they are, this is the bliss of Being. As contradictory as it may appear to be, once you know that there is nothing to be known, then you know, but even that falls short in describing the Truth for there is no other way to describe it, as words cannot touch it.

For the beginning seekers this is the raw and direct introduction to what you are truly seeking. As there is an initial trigger that sets about the first few steps of the search for oneself, the following steps thereafter will be taken with just as much fervour if not more. You cannot force someone to be courageous, either you are or you aren’t. If you want the Truth more than anything, then indeed nothing can stop you. There is no boundary that you cannot trespass, there is no obstruction that you cannot destroy, this is the mindset that will lead you to wherever you are destined to watch yourself go. All paths lead to within. Any external path or offered pointers such as this text only serve as a means to support the outward seeking as a transition to the inward seeking.

In the absence of fear, the counterpart of courageousness disappears. When the moment comes, as it is here and now, the seeker will also disappear into the counterpart of seeking. Who has the courage to disappear? Who has the courage to accept that they are nothing or even everything, or neither nothing or even neither everything? Who has the courage to see that all projected meanings and purposes in life apart from the necessities of the physical body are absolutely and without a doubt completely unnecessary? Who has the courage to see that being is simple and that complications only arise when you try to become something other than what you are? The only question left to ask is, do you have this courage?

“By the Grace of the impersonal, absolute Reality, those seeking liberation are inspired above all with the disposition to non-duality, which relieves them of the great fear.” AG 1.1

After a severe bout of depression that I was able to transcend I eventually came to the conclusion that I was exhausted with acquiring material possessions, desperately trying to achieve a respectable social status and the agreeable respect of society and my peers. It seemed as though the only justification to continue this pathological behaviour was to satisfy these needs. When I came to the crossroads to leave my material pursuits for a spiritual one, I had to muster the courage to extinguish myself, to return back to dust and ashes in the hope of becoming something more than what I was and what I was experiencing as my reality. There had to be something more than this, better than this, but what was it and where was it at? And thus the match was struck and the fire rose higher and higher, as the conflagration I became.

The Truth didn’t come knocking on my door just to tell me that I should leave everything and come find it. I made a conscious choice and in this choice I was willing to go to whatever extremes that I must. In the infancy of my seeking I was aware that destruction is also an action of creation. While most of my life I would shy away from the act of destroying as I was conditioned to believe that destruction is misconstrued as being something negative. I had to accept this fact, although it was a hard pill to swallow, if I was to pursue my intention to awakening, I would become destroyed in the process. What I imagined myself to be would be no longer. The courageous to accept this change was far greater than submitting to the fear of staying unchanged.

Some seekers are able to transcend their own limitations very quickly and others may be on a path, circular in many aspects, seeking for many years lost without guidance and no success in sight. Each path is unique to each seeker, you cannot walk mine and I cannot walk yours. You must walk alone. The fear of being alone must also be confronted and the courage to do so lies in the fact that you are always alone, despite whatever external surroundings you imagine yourself to exist within. I am here to support and encourage your path but I cannot and I will not carry you. You have the same courage as I do, for you are my reflection as I am yours. This is the Invitation, do you have the courage to accept it? ~ ༺ 𝓖