On my quest for liberation as I was searching for something more than what I had imagined myself to be, I came to the shocking and destructive realization that there is no permanence in anything.

My endeavour to attain a permanent state of happiness and perpetual bliss only ceased to interrupt the natural functioning of my body. The conviction of my search was only succeeded by overlooking the sensitivity and intelligence of the nervous system. By forcing myself and my body to seek this “higher state” of Consciousness, I found that I was merely adding momentum to the false continuity of wanting something that does not exist. As I discovered through this unveiling I could understand that the body wasn’t interested in a rapturous liberation but on the contraire the body was only interested in its most basic functions, that of survival and procreation.

The intention to stop my chronic pain and replace it with inexhaustible pleasure was a futile attempt on my part. While in the mode of inquiry I couldn’t accept the inherent truth that the body’s response to pain and pleasure is the same. It is only in the conditioned interpretation of my mind that I created the difference from one to the other and this in itself goes against Natures design. Rather than imposing radical shifts in my mind and conversely in my body I could see now that the natural state wasn’t a mere mental speculation but actually the acceptance of my bodies desire to continue functioning as it is. While I had a series of blissful experiences during my spiritual practice the various vibrations affected the body, but again it was all in my interpretation that deemed the experiences to be good and bad. I was entirely left alone in the confines of my own thoughts. It was only when I removed the need to constantly translate my bodies sensory activity, I could now see that I had no way of knowing if something was indeed good or bad.

The body has its own intelligence, it is an extraordinary vehicle that functions autonomously without any external volition, apart from maintaining the health of the body and feeding it for sustenance. The ignorant need to replace one sensation for another was interfering with the natural functioning of the body. Through objective observation when a sensation is felt in the body, it is labeled in the mind. Then after this recognition is given, as pain or pleasure the mind reacts in a manner of either ceasing the pain or prolonging the pleasure. By trying to forcibly control my body in either direction I was going against the natural flow of this biological mechanism. In actuality, I was destroying the sensitivity of the body through constant repetition of seeking what I have wanted versus what the body wanted.

In this conflict, the revelation came that if I ceased to interfere with the body’s functioning, then all that is felt coming and going will inevitably dissolve into itself absent of my conditioned intentions. While the thought process is necessary to exist in this material world, the need to forcibly impose my body or mind to function in any way other than how it is designed to function is ignorance and suffering on my behalf.

“Know that all living beings are manifested by these two energies of mine. I am the source of the entire creation, and into me it again dissolves.” BG 7.6

On the most fundamental level the body isn’t interested in enlightenment or becoming immortal, these are just plays of the mind. The body is only interested in its survival and reproducing. According to the narrative of my life, I have been successful in both pursuits thus far. The biological organism has no need for the mind as thought, other than the fulfilment of these two basic functions. Without thought the body is just a corpse, thought is necessary only on this level. By super imposing unnecessary thoughts such as logic, morality, psychological and spiritual meanings against the design of the body, this is what was has created conflict in not only ourselves but in our societies and cultures. This has resulted in the complicated and destructive neurosis of modern day humanity.

Humanity as an existence of animal nature, prides itself on how much pain the body can take before it breaks. This collective suicidal celebration is how we perceive ourselves to be and how we project our sadistic ignorance upon each other. The constant push and pull of going against Nature reveals itself not only in our own lives but in the lives of all those around us. It is a train of thought that only leads to one destination, death, the return of the body to be recycled by Nature, in turn to creating another body. Instead of embracing our carnal and selfish needs we are programmed to pursue a fictitious opposite which only causes sorrow, suffering and misery. As we are taught to emphasize only one side of reality, we create an unnecessary distortion on the totality of what reality truly is.

By living in accordance with Natures design we can see that the necessary violence in life is that we must kill in order to live, one form of life thrives upon another but we condemn killing and instead we kill ourselves. We project an illusion of compassion and kindness but we create and continuously feed societies based upon greed and corruption. We impose the violence of charity, as we hoard, taking more than what we need just to give to those who have none. This sickness will eventually end, as do all stages in Natures design but as we are cognizant creatures of Nature we possess the ability to use our thoughts to either enable what we are or to continue going against Nature and indeed we will destroy ourselves in the process.

The Invitation is an offering, a conscious choice to live, to enjoy, to flow in the immaculate and incomprehensible beauty of Natures design. As I have come to this realization, this is what I share, accept it or reject it, this is nothing more than Invitation to discover and honour yourself as you truly are. Life or death, this is your choice. ~ ༺ 𝓖