As a seeker we are led to follow a path, to take steps, one after the other until we finally arrive at our destination, the realization of our True Nature.

Through the annals of recorded history there have been several predecessors that have shared their own path to the fulfillment of their destiny. From Buddha and the sacrifice he made in leaving his family, to Krishna and the sacrifice he made in destroying his cousins on the battle of Kurukshetra and to Jesus and the sacrifice that he made in sharing the message of awakening which ultimately led to his crucifixion.

These examples and many more are merely mythological interpretations of what can and what has arisen as one takes the path less traveled, the path within to discover the unknown. Currently we do not exist in a world that enables our path to awakening, on the contraire we are taught and conditioned to believe in something other than ourselves. Consequently this results in creating further separation and unnecessary distinctions which only exist as a hindrance to the sincere seeker.

From being indoctrinated with illusory belief systems, to identifying with specific schools of thoughts or attaching ourselves to a distinct collection of social ideologies, these limitations only transpire as a means to prevent the inevitable from arising. While they can serve as a catalyst for deeper introspection more often than not they are a confrontation that must be transcended and sacrificed if our ends are to be justified by our means.

In my own experience, I was raised as a Protestant Christian under the strict and unforgiving guise of a jealous god that had absolutely no hesitation in condemning my existence and actions. Fearful and inferior, I felt the wrathful convictions of an imaginary entity that observed my every thought and deed, whether intended in the pursuit of worship or in sin. This perverse and abusive concept was my one and only obstruction. Conclusively as I furthered along my path I was confronted with this inner resistance to heed no more, for the territory that I was about to encroach upon was perceived to be the sin of all sins.

To let go, to go against everything that I was conditioned to believe, to make the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of my awakening. I asked myself, “How far was I willing go to manifest my desire into fruition?”

"And then the moment came when I completely stepped out of it ― I realized that there is no end and indeed there never was a beginning."

And so as it was written, in the conflagration of the Supreme, in the burning embers of All That Is, I threw everything I had ever known into the fire of the Absolute and never looked back. This was my defining moment, the most challenging boundary that I had ever faced in my life. Either I was going to make it or I was going to make it, there was no other choice to be made because now I have nothing else to fall back upon.

Steadfast and persistent in my appropriation, I made every movement forward. While some steps were taken more lightly than others, there was never a moment where I questioned my attempt any longer. Absent from the infringement of doubt and all needs for certainty, every intention was taken and given in the recognition of what I knew was to come. I was seeking without, looking for what I was in the external, accumulating and integrating, applying all that was revealed in the alignment of my course.

What I was looking for wasn’t described in a book, it wasn’t scribed in some ancient text or even prattled about upon the tongue of a wise old sage. I was looking for something that couldn’t be seen or conceived from the vantage of the limited mind, but no matter where I looked, despite my discrimination in searching far and wide, I could not find myself. The intellectual faculties were reached in only confusion and paradoxical contradictions. I was left to my own device, and despite the reference of where I had been and where I was now, every step I had taken seemed to have led me to nowhere.

In silent contemplation I sat until spontaneously the question arose, “I knew that what I was seeking was also seeking me but how do I get there, and where exactly is there?”

The desired expectation of what was to come enabled my devout pursuit but I also knew that it imposed the opportunity for the something else to be manifest. Articulate in the playful prose of several expressions, everything seemed to be poetic in nature, everything was pointing to it but still it couldn’t be comprehended. And so I dropped the books, I forgot the memorized verses that were acquired, regurgitated in a fashion of consistent repetition, describing everything that couldn’t be described, yet I was still framed in the convention of words alone.

As I was destined to proceed, it was understood that I must make a different approach. That which led me to this perspective will also lead me to my destination. Furthermore I went, discarding various potentials that were incompetent to my intention I was waiting for a moment of extraordinary repercussion, but no big bang ever came. It was so close that I could taste it, I could fell it surging through my entire being, but everywhere I looked, it was no where to be found.

Then suddenly, I froze. I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed, the engine was all out of gas, the wheels were stuck in the mud and my train of perpetual thought was at a complete standstill. The moment came when I had to stop, the search was gone, there was no where to go because there was no one there to go anywhere.

And that was moment when I completely stepped out of it, that was the moment when I realized the timeless and immovable, that was the moment when I realized that there is no end and indeed there never was a beginning. That moment is Now. ~ ༺ 𝓖